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Research on bipolar disorder has shown that therapy along with medication workers the best for a person with this disorder. Some therapies that are suggested are cognitive – behavioral therapy, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, and family focused therapies which have proven successful on helping a person with bipolar disorder. There are several things a person can do to help improve their symptoms. Making good lifestyle choices is one of the most important things a person can do in order to help improve their symptoms and Sugar Land Chiropractors urge all of their patients to live a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to get the proper amount of sleep, make responsible decisions with alcohol use, have an exercise regimen and get plenty of sunlight. Having a person to talk with that also has bipolar disorder can prove to have a positive experience. Having someone to share your symptoms can assist in ensuring that you do not feel alone and that there is hope and encouragement. The Depression and Bipolar Support alliance can help you connect with other people that have bipolar disorder. Also, the Balance Mind Parent Network provides support and guidance. People who are bipolar can appear completely normal in between episodes of main and/or depression. Often there are periods of normal moods and wellness. Bipolar most often appears in the late teens or the early twenties. Unfortunately, bipolar disorder is not curable and must be controlled with medication.

This disorder is manageable as long as a patient is willing to take their medication as needed on a daily basis. Bipolar disorder is very often misdiagnosed. Pronouncing a person with bipolar disorder when they really have a borderline personality disorder is a common mistake in diagnosing a person. When bipolar goes unattended Sugar Land Chiropractors know it will often lead to such things as suicide, excessive spending, sexual promiscuity along with other risky behavior. A common myth regarding bipolar disorder is that it is a distinct and precise illness. However, that are several types of bipolar disorders. Many people have the rationale that bipolar people
are crazy. This is not true. They have a mood disorder and in between the mania of highs and lows and the bouts of depression bipolar people can function in the real world.

Another myth regarding bipolar is that people with this disorder cannot function in the workplace. However,
this just is not true. In fact, approximate 75% of people with bipolar disorder function successfully at work. As long as the bipolar people take their medication regularly and do not miss a dose, they can be very successful,
and Sugar Land Chiropractors understand the importance of following a healthy routine. Just because a bipolar person is having a bad day, it may not have anything to do with being bipolar. It may just be that person is having a bad day. Not all moods will be related to being bipolar.

Many people believe that being bipolar will lead that person to becoming a criminal or an exhibit violent behavior. When in fact the opposite is true. Many bipolar people become the victim of violence of crime. Some of the most important and least understood facts about bipolar discords are things that relate to physical health. People that are bipolar are twice as likely to die at an earlier age from a medical illness. The main cause of premature death for people with bipolar disorder are health conditions that are preventable such at heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The risk of an early death is true in both women and men. Bipolar disorder is strongly associated the overweight and obesity. Research has shown rates as high as 68$ of bipolar people to be overweight.