Everyone always wants to be pictured as this perfect image. Nothing wrong with them just a loving picture perfect family however today I am going to talk to you about one specific rich family in Mexico by the last name De La Mora who on the outside seem like the perfect family but deep down they are hiding much more then you can ever imagine. It starts with the main matriarch of the family, the mom named Virginia. Virginia is married to Ernesto. Together Sugar Land chiropractors they have three kid named Paulina, Elena and Julian. We will start off the day of Ernestoís birthday party. Everyone is gathered at the De La Mora home in the capital of Mexico. The family owns a popular flower shop called The House of Flowers. They receive a lot of top clients on their shop. Mexico cities elite and socialites. Everyone is gathered here at this party and daughter Elena and Delia walk into the flower shop while guest is outside celebrating and inside the find the body of a dead women hanging. Not knowing Sugar Land Chiropractors who this woman is and how she got here they call oldest daughter Paulina and young son Julian for help. Paulina quickly recognizes who the dead women is and advises her siblings and family maid to not tell their mom Virginia as to what it is going on inside the flower shop. She calls Mexican authorities who are also family friends to come pick ëup the body of the deceased women. She then calls her father Ernesto to come see the dead women and admits to her siblings Elena and Julian that the dead women are there fatherís mistress named Raquel. Meanwhile Sugar Land Chiropractors on the other side of town Raquelís children oldest son Claudio and young daughter Marcela are looking for Raquel. Trying to keep discrete with the guest at the party as to what is going on inside the flower shop walks in Virginia and sees Raquelís dead body in her flower shop. She quickly faints and sends everyone in the party home saying she feels ill and that the party is over. The family then gathers in the living room area to talk about everything that happens when suddenly walks in Raquel’s son and daughter into the room. Add Nestle space is Sean when he sees Raquel’s daughter in the room and calls him dad. Virginia and the rest of the kids stare blankly at their father as they are confused as to why this little girl is calling him dad. He then explained set the girl isn’t packed his daughter and that he had her with Raquel. Meanwhile Sugar Land Chiropractors the family maid Delia tell you find a letter that Raquel has left Virginia before she died and starts to read it. And the letter states that Ernesto must take care of the little girl since Raquel is now dead. She seals the letter back up and gives it to Virginia so that she can read it. Everything seems to be happening so quickly. Virginia is feeling overwhelmed. Virginia trying to keep the image of having a picture-perfect family Sugar Land Chiropractors tells everyone in the home including the maid to keep quiet and no say anything to anyone about what is going on. Virginia Agrees to the take Raquelís daughter into her home even though she still upset at her husbandís actions for cheating on her and having another family. Paulina then plans a secret funeral for Raquel with Ernesto behind her siblings and mothers back in Raquelís cabaret ironically also called the house of Flowers. Paulina knows that her father Ernesto purchased the cabaret behind her mother Virginia back but is not saying anything to her siblings as well. Virginia starts to suspect Sugar Land Chiropractors of Paulina and Ernesto that they are hiding something behind her back, so she contacts the familyís accountant named Diego who also happens to handle their money and any business matters. Diego assures Virginia that he does not know anything but eventually Virginia gets the truth out of him since he is the one that handles the money and businesses, he is aware of the of the secret cabaret also named The house of Flowers. It is important to know the original House of Flowers which the flower shop is is the family main source of income. Virginia adores the flower shop since it has been something her in her family for generations. When Diego tells Virginia the truth about the secret funeral Paulina and Ernesto are planning for Raquel, she becomes furious and calls her son Julian and other daughter Elena to meet her at the cabaret. They too are in shock to find out Sugar land Chiropractors that their dad had a secret business of a cabaret with Raquel and it was named the house of flowers just like their motherís flower shop. Virginia is furious with Paulina for keeping this huge secret and tells her that she is no longer going to inherit the flower shop since she has betrayed her. Also feeling furious by her husbandís Ernesto actions she makes up evidence pointing to the death of Raquel and has him arrested by Mexican authorities. Ernesto tells his daughter Paulina to take care of the cabaret while he is gone with Raquelís son Claudio. Meanwhile daughter Elena tries to prove to mom Virginia that she can take over the flower shop now that Paulina is out of the picture. Paulina feeling sorry for her dad after Sugar Land Chiropractors all he has been thru call her ex husband Jose Maria who happens to be a lawyer living in Madrid to come save her dad out of jail. Jose Maria are no longer together because she was now being known and living as a woman by the name Maria Jose. With dad Ernesto being in jail, mom Virginia preparing for the 50th anniversary of the flower shop with Raquelís daughter Marcela and her daughter Elena, Paulina running the cabaret while trying to get her father out of prison with ex-lover Maria Jose as a lawyer what will this family get into next?