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Russell, I asked her if she was okay and she said that she was but she just did sugar land chiropractors not want to talk about what had just happened. Sarah said very quiet at that time that are finally able to go home. When they arrived back to the hotel the girls were already sleeping, and they just decided to go to sleep and forget about what had happened that night. The next morning very woke up and could not stop thinking about what had happened the night before. If it wasn’t for marcella who had a ride to save her she would have been in so much trouble. Even though as much as she hated Marcella and how to take her to their destination even though she didn’t want to, held a gun up to her head I’m scared her when they first met she knew that all sugar land chiropractors of that didn’t really matter anymore because Marcella had a good heart after all and ended getting her without even asking. She went to go tell Marcella thank you for what she had done the night before and saving her. She asked her to not tell any of her friends because she did not want them to worry and some more so agreed and they both went on their date. The next day all the three girls were ready to go and head out to it further destination. They left when it was storming sugar land chiropractors really bad and gone on to this Old Road where there was just mud everywhere and because of the rain pouring down hard their car ended up getting stuck. They try forcing the car to get out but the more depressed on the gas pedal the more the car sunk into the mud. They were scared and afraid that they were able to get out of that place when they hurt a knocking on the car window. It was on the old man walking by telling the girls that they had to find safe shelter because there was a tropical storm approaching and they were not safe where they are at. There it is not want her to leave her car there in the middle of nowhere but she didn’t know she had no other choice but to leave the car there and fine face shelter. So the girls agreed and they love the car there and went to the old man gets home. When they got there they met his wife and their two sons. As they were drinking hot chocolate warming up waiting for the storm to pass by one of the neighbors of the old couple came in saying that their daughter was going into labor and that she need . the old lady what’s a midwife and she what’s going to go and help her neighbor win Carla told the old lady that Rocio was also a doctor and that she could help a sister. Rocio didn’t really want to do any of her doctor work because that was exactly the reason why she had left home in the first place to get bread of all of that and just focus on herself but she knew in this situation that the girl needed help and so she went with the old lady to go help her daughter. She saw the poor girl laying on the bed screaming in such intense pain. Should try applying her school knowledge that she had start but for some reason if it not come in handy and this particular situation. The old lady had done this many times before and told her to just let her take charge and follow her directions. Rosie was not very sugar land chiropractors excited to have him to follow an old lady’s corruption when she was the one who actually had a doctorate degree but agreed to do so because she was letting her stay in her home during this tropical storm so she did. Everything ended up going well and the girl gave birth to a beautiful little baby. When they had heard back home to the old couples Rocio started to reflect on everything that was going on and broke down and cried. She had my dryer the entire trip or has she’s cried when her sister passed away and suddenly she was filled with all these different emotions that she could not hold it any longer and she was just crying. Because she did not want to let anyone know how she was feeling she was off on her own under a tree watching the rain. The oldest son of the old couple that Rosie was sugar land chiropractors crying by herself. You went to go sit next to her and ask her if she was okay. Carroccio didn’t really want to open up to him because he was a stranger and if she hadn’t open up to her friends that she knew her entire childhood why would she open up to someone she just met. But the guy insisted that sometimes it’s better to express your feelings to someone who you don’t know and so she did. They ended up talking to entire night and she ended up explaining everything that she was going through and how she felt. He then noticed that she had to let a very privileged life and even though she had everything she could ever want it she was not happy. I like him lived in this poor home in the middle of nowhere and had nothing he was happy and you know that she deserve to be happy sugar land chiropractors as well. Once Rocio started feeling better the guy noticed how pretty she was and they started talking importing about different other things. Rocio then suddenly leaned in to kiss the boy and he was surprised because he was not expecting that from her. She apologized what she had done because she quickly thought about her fiance and he told her that it was okay that it meant nothing. then Marcella came in and told Rocio that it was time for them to go and the rain has finally stopped.