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BHe was ashamed of what he had become sugar land chiropractors and what could what happened to him why he never wanted to go originally was fathers. She knew that he had lots of potential within himself. Prize grab take care of the animals like his father do when he was still alive. Both of the Lions became upset with each other after the girl are you realize that the boiler I did not want to go back to the prior Platinum Rule the Kingdom that belongs to him. He wanted to know why he had changed or what you want to go back but was afraid of what was going to happen if he asked her. Both of them not knowing what’s going to go on they live with that scared that within them because she knew that if she went back and told them that he was alive her sugar land chiropractors I feel really happy and wanted him home but at the same time I would be very upset because she would have to bite the devastating news to him as to why he would not want to come back home. They both left angry at each other and he ran off as far as he could if he can be alone and just think about what I just happened. It was sucking up with this fine sugar land chiropractors when he’s finally saw a monkey come by dancing and prancing all around him hitting him with the head on the stick. He asked him why he had some night and he told him that it didn’t matter that it was in the past and the way that he sees others that you can either learn from the past and move forward on living your future or you can go on the path for a long time and I’ll get over it and let it consume you with thoughts and fear. I told him that he had missed his father and that he wish you would have never died and things would have been the way how they were in the first place. He told him that he knew his father and that he was still very much alive and that he would go and prove it to him if you just follow him to wherever he went. Who was confused as to what does Mikey was talking about because he was pretty sure he had seen his father died in the middle of the canyon when he was younger after all the Scout something all over him but you still continue to follow the sugar land chiropractors monkey around and see where he took him to see if his father was actually really alive. He follows a more creative also percent raise so finally he told you to stop and look up in the club. Hotels down into the river and look within and he would be able to see his father and so when the alliance like down at the river Arcata could see was his reflection. It was just a joke and just arrived as a result from here rivers of reflection to see if he could see what everyone else sees. As he was looking at himself deeper into the reflection he saw his father’s reflection care what they say. Can I get out of work. His father lives within him and that it was up to him to be able to change and move on and be like his father to be able to roll up Ryland and be a great just like his father was back when he was King of the Fatherland. Heathen looking to the sky to participate if he could see anything else and he saw his father came into the forms of the cloud and spoke to him now he was drunk so that you could walk with you we are or where he came from. His father told him that you was born as a king in the new it was his responsibility to go to rule the people at the party life to make sure that they were safe and everything was in order then the lion was very afraid because I told him that sugar land chiropractors he could not be like him even if you tried but the father told him that he will have so much he was stronger than what you thought he was and he ended up persuade him to go back and help his family and help his people just like his father would have done the same as well if he was still alive about that the lion was right and realize that everything was not at the same and that it was his responsibility to go back and take care of the pride lands like his father did. He has to go back and do what was right to sugar land chiropractors take care of people and make sure that his mother and everyone off hyenas. He ran off as fast as he could to go into the go back to clean what was his and get his uncle store off of the king of thrones because that was supposed to be his throne and he was going to go back to clean it. He ran off the stuff he could and then in the meantime girl or anywhere. She went back to his for little boys that he had made the entire time. He was gone and she asked him if they knew where he was. They refuse and Sophie update. He was with her the entire time she told him that they had got into an argument and that he had stormed off but she was still looking for him inside of me they came across the monkey who had spoken to the line. He told him that he had to come back to the parking lot of games back with us and take care of all the unfinished business I have left.