The Wuhan coronavirus is still unknown in terms of the effect it was going to have on the lives that will be lost. To date, there are more than 1000 people who have been confirmed with infections. There is no telling how many people have not been confirmed with the infection but actually have the novel coronavirus. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors always sterilize the exam rooms as soon as a patient leaves the room. The number of confirmed cases globally for the Corona virus stands at 1356 people. This virus is also called the Wuhan coronavirus and technically it is called the 2019-nCoV.

There have been approximately 41 deaths related to the coronavirus and all of these deaths have been in China. The official name of the virus is a 2019-nCoV. Most people refer to this virus as the novel coronavirus thus far are both from the same family of viruses. Coronavirus can even include the common cold. With the spread of the common cold, flu and the coronavirus , Sugar Land Chiropractors take many cautions to avoid the spread of diseases. The novel Coronavirus and the SARS virus originated within my animal markets located in China. The novel coronavirus is estimated to have originated among animals in the Wuhan, China region. The first cases of the novel coronavirus were reported around New Year’s Eve 2019 and the strain was identified by January the nights.

This strain was traced to a food market where live animals of all kinds were kept in cages. It is imperative that Sugar Land Chiropractors The novel coronavirus is thought to have originated in snakes according to one study. However it has not been completely established back the novel coronavirus originated within the snakes. SARS virus was also started Anne the same type of animal market. However, the SARS virus came from a different region than the novel coronavirus. Sources first labeled as a global threat in March 2003. The first signs of SARS were in southern China approximately In November 2002.

It is believed that the SARS virus originated in bats. Although the Sugar Land Chiropractors are not exposed to large amounts of animals in cages, they still maintain the utmost sanitary measures within the clinic. Wuhan, China is known to have some cases of the novel Corona virus being transmitted from human to human period this is true particularly in close contact situations. Close contact situations would mean that the people would be approximately 6 feet or closer apart for a prolonged time without wearing any protection such as face mask. The novel coronavirus can be transmitted through direct contact with secretions such as Cavs.

The novel coronavirus is transmitted similar to how the flu virus is spread. It is important to Sugar Land Chiropractors that every effort is made to maintain sterile conditions. The virus spreads mainly through close person to person contact. This could include living with someone who has the SARS virus, sharing food and eating utensils, talking with a person infected with the virus within 3 feet of each other, or it can be transmitted through direct physical contact.

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Simply walking beside a person or sitting across the room briefly does not qualify as close contact. The beginning symptoms of the novel coronavirus are quite similar to a cold or the flu. It is important to Sugar Land Chiropractors that all of their patients are careful when ill not to spread their germs. This sentence can include a fever, call comma and congestion. Some people will only experience mild symptoms and it will not progress. However other people may develop severe pneumonia once contracting the Nobel coronavirus. This is also with the case of the flu which can turn into pneumonia.

Stars virus typically begins as a favor higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is sometimes accompanied by chills, headaches, aches, and discomfort. Some people have mild respiratory issues at first period approximately 10 to 20% of the people with SARS will develop diarrhea. Patients with SARS often develop a dry call an become shortness of breath within 2 to 7 days and most of these people develop pneumonia. As SARS is a dangerous virus, Sugar Land Chiropractors wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently during the day.

At this point it is thought that in contrast some novel Corona virus patients only had mild symptoms and not everyone will develop pneumonia. The novel coronavirus possibly could be less deadly than the SARS virus. However, the death rate for the novel Corona dot virus has not been determined. Sense numbers coming out of China can be difficult to confirm the exact death rate for the novel coronavirus has yet to be determined. It looks similar to SARS in some ways except perhaps the novel coronavirus is less deadly than the SARS virus. As far as the novel coronavirus is concerned that the death rate is not approximately 2% of the people infected. But it is too early 2 precisely confirm this estimate. With the novel coronavirus being so new it cannot be completely compared to the SARS virus. However, while looking at statistics and numbers this can still be helpful period the very first case, I’ve documented novel coronavirus was in the Wuhan China on December the 31st 2019. The first case documented in the United States was on January the 21st in Washington state, where a man had traveled from Wuhan China. This man is in his 30s.

A second case reported in the United States was confirmed on January the 24th in Chicago from a woman who had only recently visited with hand child China. Fortunately, both people are doing well. Currently the CDC is monitoring more than 60 people in 22 states within the United States period of these people 11 people have been tested negative and 2 have tested positive. Although some states are releasing information on who is being monitored and where, not all states are because many patients end up testing negative. Also, it is against HIPAA to release a patient’s information without their consent to the public.

The people at Sugar Land Chiropractors work hard to uphold the HIPAA guidelines. The important thing to remember is that this is also cold in flu season and the beginning symptoms are similar period Most of the people who have died from the novel coronavirus have been older than 60 and also had pre- existing conditions. There was one healthy man Hey 36 in Wuhan China who died. Hey what’s that matter to hospital on January the 9th with a high fever that he maintained that he had had for 3 days period on January the 23rd the man passed away after a cardiac arrest. It’s important to know that even with the flu a healthy young person will occasionally die. So, it’s not clear if the young man is a sign of who might be at risk or not.