Todayís topic is about coffee. I know I got your attention now do I not. Who does not love coffee? If you do not, then you might be from another universe. Most of Americans drink a cup a coffee every morning to jumpstart their day before work. Yes, we get told coffee is bad, but did you know there are a few ways that coffee is actually good for the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors health of oneís brain. Coffee tends to make your brain more alert. It helps improve decision making.

Also, coffee sharpens the attention span and your focus. But did you know that the caffeine that is found in 2 cups of coffee can actually help boost oneís memory. What their memory? Yes, their memory it may not be a lot, but it does boost it by 10 percent. You do not have to believe me but go do some research yourself. If you are attempting to lose weight and want something that helps with burning fat and Top Sugar Land Chiropractors maintain that weight. Guess what the caffeine in the coffee actually helps jumpstart your metabolism when you drink it in the morning. We can be honest when it comes to females our metabolism it is not as good compared to maleís metabolism.

Remember when it comes to coffee it gives you an energy boost. What exactly do I mean by energy boost? Well, if you are thinking the boost that an energy drink gives you then yes that is the energy boost, I am talking about. Just like when you are working out and you take pre-workout obviously before working out, and it kicks in and gives you the extra push you need. If you do not believe me then do research on it. Although, I myself have actually saw this doctor trending on TikTok over how Top Sugar Land Chiropractors caffeine is a great way to burn fat.

There are before and after pictures of the difference in their weight and I will say the results were surprising for me when it came across my feed. Caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee is full of antioxidants. What antioxidants does it have? The two I say wad magnesium and chlorogenic. These 2 antioxidants help improve the bodyís sensitivity to insulin. Which then helps utilize glucose as if it were fuel for the cells. Then this reduces the risk of diabetes. As I mentioned before coffee has a lot of antioxidants. The compounds that are in them have been found to possess anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-tumor properties. Meaning that antioxidants are beneficial because they protect the cells in the body from damaging and diseases.

Although, many say coffee is not good for you, but they say that because of the flavorings and added sugars. Other than all the good stuff coffee is actually good for you in many ways as you read above. So, you may wonder well what else it can help me with, but I will say get you a cup of coffee and research on it. Visit your Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractor to get some insight and get your adjustments and you will be feeling like a million bucks.