The Phoenix is a legendary bird and is one of the most well know ancient myths today. The legend is known for the many elements it is said to have such as life and death, creation, and destruction and even time itself is tied with the tale of the Phoenix. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors are fascinated by the story of the Phoenix.
The Phoenix is known to be a majestic bird-like creature that is said to live in Paradis. The Phoenix, like all other creatures that live in Paradise was said to have lived good life. Paradise is considered a land of perfection and beauty. It is thought to exist somewhere beyond the brilliance of the sun. However, eventually the bird begins to feel the affects of its age. After 1,000 year had passed, the Phoenix was ready to move on. After 1,000 years the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors can understand why the bird would feel fatigued.
While the Phoenix was known to live in Paradise, it was also said that it could never truly die. However, it was possible for the creature to be reborn. This is what is said to happen in order for the creature to be born again. The rebirth of the Phoenix must be an immensely powerful moment the Sugar Land Chiropractors believe.
First, the Phoenix would fly west into the mortal world. It was necessary to leave Paradise and enter into our world. This had to be done in order for the Phoenix to be reborn. Once there it would stop to collect only the finest herbs and spices (especially cinnamon) before continuing its journey to Phoenicia (a place named after the creature). The reason cinnamon is important to the Phoenix is not known by Sugar Land Chiropractors. Once the Phoenix arrived in Phoenicia, it then proceeded to build a nest of the herbs and spices it had gathered and waits for the sun to rise.
The next morning when the sun God began to drag his chariot across the sky. The Phoenix will turn east to face some as the sun rises above the horizon. The Phoenix will then sing one of the most beautiful and haunting melodies ever heard by man. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors would like to hear the bird sign. So perfect that even the sun god has to pause and listen to the sweet notes. When the Phoenix finishes its farewell song the sun god it then readies his chariot and continues his journey across this sky. This act causes a spark to fall from the sky and ignite the nest of herbs and the Phoenix in flames. All that was left was a tiny worm.
Of course, this was not the end of the cycle. After three days a new Phoenix will rise from the ashes and this is supposedly transformed from the worm. The next cycle of 1,000 years of the Phoenix has begun. It will carry the remaining ashes of its parent to the great Heliopolis and then return to Paradise until it cycles comes to an end. Taking the ashes of its parent is an unusual thing for a bird to do thinks Sugar Land Chiropractors.
Where this story of the Phoenix is one of the most common’s versions of the rebirth. There are alternate versions that are also passed down through time. It is understood by Sugar Land Chiropractors that the Phoenix is still considered a myth to this day. The first is that instead of flying to Phoenicia to end its cycle of life, The Phoenix flew to Heliopolis and gave itself to the fires of the sun city. From these fires the new Phoenix emerges back to the land of Paradise.
Once a new Phoenix comes into the next cycle of life the first thing the Phoenix does is create a cremation egg to place its predecessors remains inside. In order to do this the Phoenix flies off and begins to gather the finest myrrh it confined to form into a ball. It gathers as much as it can carry and then flies back the nest it emerged from. According to Sugar Land Chiropractors it must be a difficult task for the Phoenix to make the cremation egg.
Back at the nest the Phoenix begins to hollow out the egg of myrrh and creates a small opening on the side so that it can begin to put its predecessorsí ashes inside. Once it has gathered all the ashes and placed them in the egg itself the opening in the cremation egg with myrrh and carries or remains back to Heliopolis. It leaves the remains on top of the altar in the temple of Ra. The Phoenix then begins its new life by flying back to the land of paradise.
There are several variations on the television Phoenix, but most versions say that the Phoenix lives in Paradise. This land is said to be a perfect world that is beyond the sun and sometimes considered to be a representation of heaven. There are also other versions of the story that give their locations as resident to the Phoenix.
The Phoenix is known to be one of the most beautiful and perfect creatures. The Phoenix is described as being red and gold in color. The appearance of the mighty bird is unlike any other and that is because of the beautiful feathers.
There are many variations regarding the eyes of the Phoenix. They range from some saying that the eyes are a brilliant shade of yellow, wile other say that they are like two shining sapphires. Most accounts of the great bird emphasize the size of the creature. This leads some to wonder if the Phoenix was inspired by a species of giant birds.
In many cultures it is considered good luck to spot a Phoenix. It signifies that a good leader was incredibly wise and had been given ruling poser. It is also considered to be a sign of a new era.
The Phoenix is also known to have regenerative powers. It is considered to be both invincible and immortal, excluding the end of its natural life cycle. Because of these powers, the Phoenix is considered to be a symbol of fire and divinity. The tears of this magnificent bird are thought to have regenerative abilities by humans.