Thank you for joining me again this evening for our nightly podcasts. I perform these podcasts in the hopes that you will be able to education yourself on the topics discussed so you can make better informed medical decisions regarding your health in the future. I am doctor Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Previously we discussed Restoration Health. Tonight, we will be returning to familiar ground with a discussion on pain.
Pain is something everyone is familiar with. There is not a single person, excluding those with a neurological problem, who have not experienced this phenomenon. As sugar land chiropractors will tell you, pain is a warning mechanism that our bodies use to inform us there is a problem. This statement is the reason why pain should not be ignored. That is not to say we should live in pain, but to simply mask the pain does more harm to us than most realize.
We can start with the masking of pain. As many of you are aware, over the counter pain medications are frequently used to decrease the pain symptoms we have with many everyday illnesses. These can range from headaches, to toothaches, to pulled muscles, bad backs etcetera. What sugar land chiropractors know which is often overlooked, is that while we use these over the counter medications to continue on our every day grind, we forget that we are ignoring warning signs. The body does not hurt just to hurt. The pain you experience when moving after pulling a hamstring is a warning that the muscle fibers have been torn, the severity of those tears depends on the severity of the strain. The pain you experience from your bad back is your body telling you that we have an issue which will continue to become worse should it not be addressed now.
Quickly, I want you to think of the first person who comes to mind with a bad back. Does this person repeatedly have problem with their back? Almost like a cycle of pain, right? What if I told you the reason, they have these reoccurring problems is because the underlying issue is not addressed? What if I told you the reason the pain keeps coming back is because they only address the pain and do not look beyond the pain to what is causing the pain. Now some of you are going, but the reason for the pain is the back, the back is causing the pain. That is partially correct. The answer we are driving for, is what tissue is causing the pain. Does the back hurt due to a condition sugar land chiropractors call a disc herniation, or is it a pulled lumbar paraspinal muscle? Is the pain because the ligaments of the lumbar spine have been sprained?
More than likely if the problem is a reoccurring problem, a disc herniation is the cause. A disc injury as sugar land chiropractors can tell you heals slowly and if the injury does not heal properly sets you up for a reinjury often. Unless the fibers of the disc heal properly motions which occur during daily activities will cause new tears to form in the scar tissue, which will result in the same back pain and the same problems showing up again. And this cycle will repeat and more often than not worsen, until the right steps are taken, and the body can heal.
Now we can take this knowledge of a pain cycle for the back and apply it to the pain medication masking pain. You have someone with a bad back, let us say it bothers them every six to nine months. Now they will take pain medication to knock down the symptoms and the body will do its best to attempt to heal. The fibers of this disc will not form correctly, but overtime the pain will diminish. They move wrong while on vacation, or picking up their gym bag, or getting out of the car. Those incorrectly healed fibers tear and the pain starts up again as does the medication.
Alternatively sugar land chiropractors can provide proper rehabilitative treatment to ensure those fibers heal correctly. Exercises can be done to restore functional movement. This way unless a new injury occurs you can skip the pain every six to nine months. This way sounds much better to me and produces a better quality of life.
The examples of to this point have regarded treatment being ignored. The other aspect of pain is people will assume that it will just go away. While there are minor injuries in the world, there are also major injuries which present as minor injuries. Unless you have the medical background such as sugar land chiropractors please seek a proper examination to determine the extent of the injuries which are plaguing you. I have a family member who was recently diagnosed with intestinal cancer. Eight months ago he became ill and assumed it was a stomach bug. He quote unquote toughed it out for a few weeks and quote unquote got better. Then the illness hit again about a month ago. This time we went in to get checked out and he received the diagnosis. Now I am not going to say having the diagnosis eight months earlier would reduce the impact of a cancer diagnosis, but the proper treatment could have been started eight months ago. This is an extreme example but it drives the point I am trying to make home. Do not ignore your pains. Seek the proper care so you can return to everything you want to do and be pain free.
Thank you for joining me again this evening for another great podcast. I hope you enjoyed the discussion on pain and the importance of not ignoring this warning sign. As always should you or someone you know require a sugar land chiropractors services or simply have more questions on what was discussed please call Restoration Health today. We would love to schedule you an appointment and get you on the path to better health today. Thank you once again for joining us. Have a good night.