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He whispered to his best friend’s ear and you told her that they had to get rid of the security guard so sugar land chiropractors that they could really head off to where they were supposed to be going which was the elephant’s graveyard. When us kids decided to walk towards the water home there security guard was flying over them tubes her that everything was okay. The security guard saw them from above and then told them that they both look beautiful and that it was good that they were all getting along because eventually they were going to have to marry. They looked at each other with discus because they were keep in mind that they were still little kids so they definitely were not thinking about marriage and they were just best friends so they got weirded out about the idea. The teacher Prince King said that when he was older and he became a king that he was going to change that rule and that he was going to be able to marry sugar land chiropractors anyone he could. He ended up getting all the animals in the water hold to go along and sing with him and eventually that caused them to lose the security guard within the crowd. They took the opportunity to quickly run off as best it could so that the security guard cannot see them or catch up to them. They ran as fast as I could and finally then they reach the water hole but not the elephant’s graveyard that they wanted. They went a little further and finally they are up to the elephant graveyard. It was a dark place with lots of elephant bones laying around and very gloomy. There was smoke and the little girl ended up getting nervous and told him that she wanted to go back because it was dangerous. He laughed and told her that he was brain-dead and that he could do anything and that nothing was going to happen. Just as they were about to continue the search around and look what else to elephant’s graveyard had to offer the security guard block them and told sugar land chiropractors them that they had to turn around and leave. He told them that they did not belong there and that they were in great big trouble and had to leave immediately. The future Prince King I was about to tell him that he did not want to listen to him when suddenly three hyenas came out of one of the elephant skeleton bones laughing. They asked him why they were leaving so soon and that they just wanted to have fun and play. The security guard apologized to the hyenas and told them that they were just heading out and that they were sorry that they had stepped into the elephant’s graveyard. The hyenas told her not to worry about it that they just wanted to talk in the house and suddenly when the hyenas were distracting and all looking away the security card told the line Cubs to run as fast as they could. They ran as fast as I could to try to escape the hyenas and go back to the pride land where they had to be at when suddenly one of the hyenas caught the security guard bird from the back and took him to a Boiling Pot. They wanted to boil him up so that they can eat him but the lion cubs went back to rescue him and when they went back to rescue him he blew out as far as he could from The Boiling Pot into the air and was no longer seen. The lion cubs and were known that they were now left alone without the security card to watch over them and they had to sugar land chiropractors fend for themselves. they ran as fast as they could trying to the hyenas but we’re trapped once they arrived to the end of an Alleyway where they had to face the hyenas without wanting to. The little lion cub of the future Prince roared as loud as he could and told him that he was with Future King and that they could not do no harm to him. The hyenas laugh with them themselves and told him that it was too bad because they were already all stuck together and nobody was there to save him nor his best friend. It was his loss and now that he was in their land and property, he had to pay the consequences. The little lion cub try to Roar sugar land chiropractors as loud as he can but it did not come through because he was still a cub and he did not were loud enough. He tried for it again one last night and suddenly there was a huge Roar that frightened the hyenas. To their surprise they turned around and they realize that it was not actually the lion cubs Roar that made that noise but rather than the actual Lion King’s Roar who had arrived to save the lion cubs. The Lion King had arrived to save the little cubs and fought the hyenas both of them away so that they could leave the baby cubs alone. Eventually the hyenas were no match with the Lion King and decided to surrender and let the lion cubs go because they knew that their life was at stake. The Lion King decided that he was going to have a serious talk with his son for sugar land chiropractors to leaving and then he told the security guard to take the little girl with them so that she can go back to her mom’s and back into the states land which would be the pride lands. The little lion cub knew what was coming to him. He knew that he was going to be in a lot of trouble for disobeying The Lion King and going to a forbidden land that he was not supposed to go to in the first place.