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Pride line was now back to its original way as how we had been since it was being ruled by one of the great Lion King just like his sugar land chiropractors father and his great-grandfather. Years have gone by and passed by and there have been no side of the ankle scar from a very long time. Everything was calm in the pride land and thanks for going the way how they were supposed to be. The furry little creature friends America and the wild hog were all also living in The Pride Rock With The Lion King since they had a raised him when he was a young cub and had to run away from the pride lands. Things had resumed back to normal and one very important thing had changed within all of them. The birth of the daughter of the brand new king and the girl sugar land chiropractors lion had everyone in a very cheerful more because they finally had a brand-new ruler in the prize land and everyone adored her. They gathered a celebration so that they could welcome the brand new lion cub to the pride land and the rest of the animals could be able to meet her. The monkey had gone over to The Pride Rock so that he could be able to present the little. Cab and the rest of its animals that live there. Everyone fell down to the new lion cub as she was the new ruler and the daughter of the king and she was to be respected by all means. Everyone adored the brand Club since she was in you King to be in the future. The Lion King which was her father took very good care of her because she knew all the trouble that he had gone through when he was younger and he did not want her to go through the same just like what he did. The little girl was a very mischievous little girl who loved adventures in learning and doing you things. She was very curious about was outside of the Pride Rock her father was always on to her and always promised her that he was worried about her and that things could go bad at any moment and that she always had to be careful. She knew these words in the back of her head because her father which was The Lion King at a constantly repeated them to her and that she should always sugar land chiropractors be careful and never leave The Pride Rock because after you leave the pride land things are very dangerous and there would be nobody to defend you. The Lion King had always stated to the brand new little girl name Kiara. That Outlanders that were outside of the land were backstabbing murderers and they were not to be trusted by any means. The little girl always wondered as to why they hate it so much that Outlanders and if they were really bad after all but she never really asked much questions about it and just listen to her father because she knew that he had to obey him at all times. On one particular day when the little girl was out exploring Tracy Nevada fly trying to practice her hunting skills she got into a bit of a mess that she could not handle. The Lion King her father had given her permission to be able to go off on her own and play as long as she stayed within the pride lamp but little did she know that she had a little spies watching after her. You see the furry little friend creatures which was the meerkat and the wild hog always followed her and everywhere she went by orders of the Lion King. You just wanted her to be safe at all times and to be look after and that is why he always sent them to watch her so that she was not necessarily all alone entirely. The furry little creature friends America and the wild hog are greed and on this particular day when the little girl was chasing after a butterfly practicing her skills She was trying to practice her skills of hunting when the butterfly suddenly Fell From Afar and she landed on her Rock. When she caught up her eyes could not believe what she had seen. She saw a huge Rock up on the far ahead and passed that where the outlands. The outlines were different and she had never seen them before. They cause so much curiosity and she wondered what sugar land chiropractors would be there and she thought about going when suddenly she heard a little bit of scratching on the grass. She yelled and the furry little creature friends the wild hog in the meerkat cause scared as well that they all ended up scaring each other and there was just a whole bunch of yelling back and forth. When she asked them what they were doing there they quickly try to think of an excused so they could not tell her that they were following her but the little girl was smarter than that and you that she was being followed by them because they were orders from her father that they needed to take care of her. She was not mad at them but she was mad at her father for having sent someone to look after her because she could look after her own self. At least so she thought. They were I’m trying to sugar land chiropractors just take care of her and tell her that she needed to be taken care of but they were not really listening to what she has to say. I’m sad but for a little creatures America on the wild hog starring arguing with each other about bugs that she was able to slip away passing without them noticing. She left without them and continued to try to explore the outlands.