Thank you for joining me again for these nightly podcasts. I perform these podcasts in the hopes that you can use this information to better educate yourself so you can make more informed decision in regards to your health care. I am doctor Harrison Campbell of Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. Previously we wrapped up our discussion on personal injury with an in depth break down of treatment plans for if you are in a motor vehicle accident. Tonight, we will be discussing passive care more in depth with a follow up podcast on active care tomorrow night.
We briefly broke down passive care in our previous podcast on car accidents. We covered how passive care is care performed on the patient where the patient is not actively involved. We also covered very briefly electrical stimulation and ultrasound. Now most sugar land chiropractors perform passive care on their patients.
The reason for this is first and fore most passive care feels good to the patient. Electrical stimulation helps relax muscles and decrease pain. You take a patient who is in pain and not sleeping well and you can provide even a little pain relief and decrease the muscle tension and they will be happy. Ultrasound help decrease inflammation and speed up the healing process. Again, a patient in pat is happy with this therapy. You perform both of these therapies together and the patient feels very good even with their current injuries. This is why most sugar land chiropractors will perform passive therapy on the patient, they understand the patient will be satisfied with the care. What doctor would not want their patients to feel better after therapy? The goal of therapy is to be moving in the right direction and improving the patientsíí symptoms.
The second reason most sugar land chiropractors use this type of therapy is it is relatively easy to administer. Each of these therapies requires eight minutes to perform. Ultrasound requires the doctor or a therapist to be present to perform the therapy. Electrical stimulation however can be performed unattended. This means you can have a patient on electrical stimulation and then attend a different patient while the therapy is being performed. You can even perform both of these therapies simultaneously and thus finish both in eight minutes. Now Restoration Health typically performed both of these therapies combined in order to provide the maximum benefit to the patient as well as be time efficient for the patient. Why make the patient perform these individually and have them in therapy for sixteen minutes? We value our patientsí time and will be efficient with your time in our office.
Each of these therapies, electrical stimulation and ultrasound, have good benefits for the patient. It is important that you understand I am not devaluing the passive therapy. Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office utilizes passive therapy to great effect with our patients. We understand the value of this therapy and will use it to provide the best benefit for the patient. However passive therapy is not the end all be all of therapy. There is the active therapy which we will discuss tomorrow which can also be of great benefit to the patient, but the point I am trying to make is the goal of the therapy.
Passive therapy is a therapy with a short term goal in mind. Yes it makes the patient feel good. Yes it can decrease muscle tension. Yes it can decrease pain. Yes it can decrease inflammation. These effects however are temporary if the ultimate cause is not addressed. Passive therapy provides short term benefits for the patient. If the patient has a disc problem which is causing the muscle tension, the pain, and the inflammation passive therapy will help with those. If you only perform passive therapy the disc problem will persist. You have to incorporate additional therapy with the goal of correcting the problem in order for true progress to be made. At Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office we have a desire for our patients to truly be better. We want our patients to have the long term health improvements.
In our mind sugar land chiropractors can help a patient in the short term with passive therapy, but those that only perform the passive therapy on the patient perform a disservice to the patients. We need to provide lasting benefits for these patients. Having a patient get better in the short term hurts the patient and the doctor. No patient wants to feel better for just a little bit then have the pain come back ad if you are a doctor which does this your reputation will suffer. Patients talk and I know when I am a patient I do not want my doctor to only temporarily get me better.
Therefore let us do the right thing by our patients. We can perform the passive therapy. It help, it really does provide a benefit for the patients. However let us remember that only performing passive therapy is not a solution to health problems it is merely a bandage to help with symptoms. We must incorporate additional therapies to make lasting benefits with the patient. Your patients will thank you for actually making a difference in their health care and you as a doctor will be able to work knowing you are making a real difference in peopleís lives.
Thank you for joining us again this evening. I hope you found this information educational and informative. Should you or someone you know have more questions regarding passive care please call Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office today to schedule an appointment so we can answer those questions you have. Remember that while passive therapy feels good we need to also make progress on the reason you are having those pains in order to truly get you better. I hope to see you for our next podcast. Thank you and have a good night.