Does it make me more stressed if I have bad posture? Does good posture really matter? Every day when you walk around, or sit do you notice how many people have bad posture? Its like a cough everyone has caught. People do not realize them sitting how they slowly start to hunch over throughout the day. Especially, if sitting at a desk is your job and you are sitting there up to Top Sugar Land Chiropractors 8 hours a day. So, you are consistently hunching over more and more every day because your back starts to get tired. You may even have co workers who mention that they have back and neck pain and most of the time it is because of their bad posture. They usually know they have bad posture though.

If you really get to know them or you can sometimes tell that they have tried multiple things to get good posture and they are just tired of nothing not working for them. The only reason why nothing is working is because they did not go in with a strategy or their back and neck pain is not a priority to them. Many people do not plan out their Top Sugar Land Chiropractors strategy they just think ìif I tell myself to sit up straight it will fix my problemî, but that is not always the case, and you will struggle if you think this.

In order for you to have a good posture there are stretches that you have to do as well and not only for your neck and back area you have to think about the front side of your body. Think about it like this if you had a wrinkled dollar bill and it was not going into the machine because it was all wrinkled. So, what do you do you try to take the wrinkles out by Top Sugar Land Chiropractors straightening it correct? But you do not just straighten out one side you do it to both sides. So, this is the same process when it comes to straightening out your back so you can have good posture. There is no brace or support in the world for you to accomplish something that takes time.

Yes, you do not want to have bad posture, but you have to remember that it is not an overnight thing it takes time and for you to actually be consistent with it and not missing any Top Sugar Land Chiropractors appointments if you see a chiropractor as well. Now I am getting to does it matter if I have good posture? All I can say to a lot of people it does not matter but it would be something nice to do for your back and neck if you are tired of feeling the pain and you feel like it brings your whole day down because that is all you are thinking about because all you feel is pain. So, I will list out a few points on what bad posture does to your body.

Then you can decide if it matters or not, but by the end of this I am sure you would think it matters. So, the big number one thing is that having bad posture just causes pain that bothers you throughout your day. If you did not know either it may be causing the headaches you may be having. Call 281 344 2034 or visit our website

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I do not know about you, but I know I have bad posture and when I sit my stomach does poke out more especially because of my Top Sugar Land Chiropractors bad posture. So, there are times if I get all dressed up and wear a dress and sit, I feel a little insecure I just feel like it makes me less attractive. I do not know if you feel the same way, but I know I do even just imagining me sitting in a chair with a big hunched over back it is just not attracting. Having a good posture just gives you confidence and gives you the extra boost about yourself and who does not like to feel that way when you do not feel confident all the time.

Also, hunching over apparent affects your intestines to like crumble or fold up I guess I can say. So, that is not good that it is messing with your digestive system just by having bad posture.

I have read about how bad posture can cause stress too. Crazy how having bad posture can affect that right! But the article I was reading started talking about testosterone levels and cortisol. It mentioned that people that had good posture had a 20% in their testosterone levels and a 25%. Yes, I said 25% decrease in cortisol which is the stress hormone. I am a big believer that having bad posture makes me for stressed because it just applies more to the headaches and pain when you are frustrated. If you do not have a Top Sugar Land Chiropractors strategy start making yours today if you want good posture.

Definitely adding a chiropractor on that list will be good. A chiropractor does this type of work helping with back and neck pain and yes headaches too. Ask every question you have to your chiropractor. See what he or she thinks what plan is good for you and one to actually flow with your personal schedule. One you can stay consistent with because that is important when wanting to improve your posture. So, not only will you be getting adjustments with a chiropractor but he or she will give you Top Sugar Land Chiropractors exercises to do at the office and at home and also stretching. I definitely know the spot on one amazing office. It is Restoration Health in Sugar Land, Texas.

So, call today to schedule with one of Sugar Land ís best Top Sugar Land Chiropractors chiropractors Dr. Harrison Campbell. Restoration Health office number is 281 344 2034 or visit our website They are open Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Make your never forgetting appointment today! Do that favor for yourself and to be confident once again.