Almost 54 years ago President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while visiting Dallas Texas. An investigation by the Warren Commission determined that a former United States marine named Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed President Kennedy. According to the Warren Commission’s findings Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy from a nearby Book Depository. However, because of all the different facts in the case there have been a number of alternate theories that have come to light. At Sugar Land Chiropractors they only deal with facts, not theories. During the half century since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated everyone has heard of many different conspiracy theories. Since 1976 Dave Perry has been researching John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Top conspiracy theories include the CIA, the mob, and even the Vice President. Decades of investigations, hearings, documents, records, books and interviews have failed to prove or disprove conspiracy theories with a definite answer.

Everyone wants to know the answer to the question: did Lee Harvey Oswald assassinate President Kennedy and if so, did he do this alone or was he working with someone else. As with others, Sugar Land Chiropractors realize that the true answer to who assassinated President Kennedy may never be known. So, when reporters, producers or amateur historians want to check out the latest JFK conspiracy theory many of them call Dave Perry for his expertise on the subject. There is one conspiracy theory that Dave Perry has not ruled out. Ahead of the 50th anniversary of the end assassination in 2013, a flood of books about the tragedy were released. Along with the publication of new books various conspiracies also came the film about President examining Kennedy’s assassination. At Sugar Land Chiropractors they deal with many different scenarios, however; they do not deal with theories.

Many people often gather to compare notes at special symposiums, like the one in the year 2012 at Pittsburgh Duquesne University. The event, which included Oliver Stone as a panelist, seemed more like a revival link everything the government tells us is a lie. In a similar way, the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors gather to review different patient records. Many still blame the media for failing to uncover the meeting at a Sunday House of worship than an academic conference. The crowd range from those who believe the government was involved in some kind of cover up to extremist who appeared to truth. Dave Perry, a retired former insurance claims adjuster from Massachusetts has been digging through JFK assassination records since the year 1976. He has attempted to address any skeptics. Doubters ask him to check out the odd story that pops up.

Somebody claimed to be the grassy knoll shooter but he wasn’t telling the truth. I know who the grassy knoll assassination is and the guy that goes into the county record buildings and look up deed records many people don’t get too wound up over that. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors only deal with the truth.
Over the years Dave Perry has come to know several people who found themselves embroiled in the investigation. These people include ex Dallas detective Jim Leavelle and Oswaldís coworker Buell Fraser. Perry guesses he spends a couple 100 hours each October and November doing research and consulting. After all of that you can imagine he’s heard a lot of conspiracy theories. The School Book Depository where Oswaldl shot the gun that killed President Kennedy is now the 6th floor museum. It features exhibits surrounding the tragedy.

The conspiracy theories are still around because people don’t know what to believe. If Oswald did not act alone then who was behind the shooting in Dallas is Dealey Plaza on November, the 22nd 1963? The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors do not want their patients being unsure as to what is wrong with them. Some conspiracy theorists believe the oil people may have organized ahead on the president while others believe people who didn’t like the way Kennedy handled civil rights is behind the assassination. Perry shared five conspiracy theories he believes rank among the most popular. The first theory that day Perry her shot down is that Lyndon B. Johnson had President Kennedy assassinated. This theory is based primarily on statements made by Madeline Brown who Perry describes as a crackpot. Brown died in 2002. She claimed to have had an affair with Johnson.

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Absolutely not true said Perry who said his research proved Lyndon Johnson couldn’t have been at their last party that night debunking Brownís story. A lot of Texans didn’t like Johnson. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find it difficult to understand how Texans were so untruthful. They thought Johnson was a crook. So as a result, they started creating this fiction after the assassination where he wanted Kennedy out so he could be president. Perry said we’ve found no evidence and we know that all the stuff that Madeline Brown said was made up.

The second conspiracy is at the military industrial complex assassinated President Kennedy. Perry says no that this is not true either. The claim is that Kennedy was going to pull American troops out of Vietnam and that the military wanted to pour more people into Vietnam. that is technically not correct. Perry talked about trying to resolve the situation, but he never made a claim that he was going to pull out of there.

The third conspiracy theory is that the mob had President Kennedy assassinated. But Perry says that is not the case. There are at least three different groups that they claimed independently did this. There’s a Chicago mob, the Miami mob, in the New Orleans Bob but all of that is hearsay according to Bob Perry.Conspiracy theory is Oswald acted alone. It’s possible there were individuals who helped as well but who weren’t part of any larger group or perhaps unaware what he was planning. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find it difficult to believe that Oswald acted alone.

The first conspiracy theory is at the CIA did it. This conspiracy theory is the one that interest pairing the most. The problem is of all of them this is the one I cannot debunk he says. Supposedly Kennedy was fed up with the shenanigans at the CIA were pulling Perry said he found out that the CIA was trying to kill Castro. Which is a fact. So, the argument is that the CIA felt that the Kennedy was going to disband them. And as a result of that they were the ones that ordered the killing of Kennedy. Perry points out that the former head of the CIA Allen Dulles was a member of the Warren Commission. The special Johnson appointed panel tasked with official investigation of assassination. The Commission determined that Oswald acted alone. Also was a supporter of Soviet backed Cuba. We know Oswald was in the Russian embassy in Mexico City Perry stated. We even know who he talked to, but we don’t know what was said then a few weeks later he shoots President Kennedy it may have been something that they overheard involving him and the Russians. Or maybe the CIA had Oswald on their payroll.

He might have been a double agent. We need to know what happened in Mexico City Perry stated. Perry felt the answer might have re been revealed in 2017 when the trump administration made public a number of previously classified CAA CIA documents related to this Sasha nation that had been held by the US National Archives. Perry said he was disappointed in these documents which were released as part of the 1992 Kennedy assassination records collection act.

They didn’t release any of the good stuff Harris stated the documents failed to revealed any new details about what Oswald said during his visit to the Russian embassy in Mexico city so either we believe we already know the truth also locked it along or worst case scenario we may never know the whole truth prompting one more question surrounding the killing of JFK would America be OK with that?