Giraffes are very interesting animals. There are many things that we do not know about giraffes. The giraffe is the tallest mammal on earth. While the blue whale is probably the largest animal the giraffe can rightly claim to be the tallest mammal living on land. The vertebra in a giraffe’s neck is found to be very interesting by the Staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors. Giraffes can grow up to 19 feet in height. We generally think of the giraffe’s neck as a part that makes the animal tall however giraffes also have the longest legs of any land mammal. The giraffe’s legs are roughly 6 feet tall which is taller than most people. With the bones being so long in a giraffe’s body Sugar Land Chiropractors can only wonder how they do not have more problems with these bones.

You can probably guess one of the best-known giraffe facts which is giraffes have one of the longest necks so many animals. Their necks can grow up to 7 feet wall. One might think that the giraffe has more bones in his neck than any other animal. That surprising fact is that giraffes do not have more bones in their neck than other animals. The bones are a giraffe neck are just longer than most animals. This is why their neck is so long. Each vertebra in a giraffe’s neck can be nearly 1-foot-long. The giraffe’s neck can be used as an example of evolution. From generation to generation their neck has increased in size.

This advantage is typically linked to the environment and which the animal now lives. The ancient giraffe was an animal with a neck that resembled the neck of a horse. At some point in time one of these animal’s neck grew longer. This gave that animal an advantage to reaching the leaves of a tree for food. However, the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors wonder how the next does not show more problems than necks that are shorter in length. From generation to generation their neck continued to grow thus providing a new set of species from the ancient ancestor of the giraffe. Not all descendants of the ancestor uh the giraffe evolved in the same manner. Some species evolve differently the cause their traits gave them an advantage in different ways.

There are members of the giraffe family that evolved to have larger bodies than the modern giraffe. Many of the species of the giraffe family died out overtime. One endangered species that remain from the giraffe family is they okapi. While ok api look similar to zebras, they are in fact a member of the giraffe family. They do not have a long neck. However, they have long legs. The okapi and the giraffe show us how evolution could shape the same animal in two different ways.

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This fact is one that the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors finds to be of interest. The giraffe tongue can be up to 20 inches long. They use their tongues to reach out and grab the most succulent buds from a tree. Their tongue is amazing freak of nature. Like a hand the giraffe’s tongue can work in and out around branches grab a bunch early and pull them into their mouth. The giraffe’s tongue is also very tough would you allow giraffes to safely graze leave of plants that have thorns. The giraffe having long legs it helps them to run very fast. They can run over 30 mph. This is a very fast for an animal that weighs nearly 2 tons and can be up to 19 feet tall.

The ability to run fast can help the giraffe run from lions that might want to attack their young. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors find it amazing that the giraffe can run that fast given the fact that they are so tall. Giraffes are mostly peaceful animals and they are not carnivorous. They are herbivores that mostly eat acacia leaves. Giraffes do not prey on other animals. Because add the giraffe large size and ability to run fast there are few animals that hunt giraffes. Lions will try to attack giraffes. Lions sometime work together as a team and will attempt to knock the giraffe off its long legs and then attack it on the ground where the giraffe is more vulnerable. The staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors can understand the force a giraffe’s legs might have as it kicks at a lion to defend itself.

The giraffe can defend themselves by kicking the lion. The grass on legs are very powerful. A giraffe can shatter and break other bones in the lion’s body with just one kick. Younger giraffe is referred to as calves. The younger calves are most likely to be preyed upon that older giraffes. Crocodiles will sometimes attack giraffes especially when they are drinking water. Any equally incredible circulatory system giraffes have massive hearts that can wait close to 25 pounds. The neck of a giraffe presents a problem for the animal especially their young when they bend down to take a drink of water. Big cats that are smaller than lion well also attack young giraffes as they are easier prey. Humans are they only animal on earth other than Lions that often-hurt hunt giraffes. Poaching of giraffe continues.

Giraffes are killed for their meat, their fur and sometimes even just for sport. Many people currently are working to raise awareness of graph poaching. Your assets are currently listed on the in June danger species list. Anxious Egyptians, Romans and Africans all new about for giraffes and there are many references to giraffes in cultural artifacts. People find giraffes fascinating and Sugar Land Chiropractors are no exception. There are many paintings and engravings of giraffes yeah In Egypt the giraffes had its own hieroglyph. Due to the immense size of the giraffes and its incredible hype the animal has the neck of a giraffe can present a problem for the animal when it lowered just had to take a drink. This causes the blood flowing to its brain problem 6-foot net and causes the animal to die the giraffe has adapted to this by having a special valve in its artery that stops blood flowing from the brain when it lowers its head. This is another one of giraffe facts that is a result of evolution.

The baby giraffe is in the mother’s womb for over 1 year. An amazing fact about giraffes is that it can run within a few hours of being born. This fact is fascinating to Sugar Land Chiropractors and is perhaps because they are more easily preyed on giraffes have evolved this ability to give them a better chance of surviving immediately after birth. We cause giraffes or mammals maybe giraffes drink their mother’s milk. Mother giraffes to most of the raising of their babies. They also will defend the baby from predators. That may explain why giraffe mothers can gather into groups.