Most people enjoy a good mystery and unsolved mysteries can be more captivating. There are quite a few fascinating unsolved mysteries in America. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. That is unless some sleuth finds that one missing piece to the puzzle that will reveal truth. So here are a few of the mysteries that have remained unsolved in America.
This granite monument is sometimes call the ìAmerican Stonehengeî. It was built in 1979 in Elbert County, Georgia in a field off Highway 77. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. It contains ten commandments written in eight languages. Those languages are English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.
However, these are not commandment like you would find in the Bible. Some of the messages written on these four granite slabs, each which are almost 20 feet tall, are somewhat controversial. For instance, one of the commandments is ìMaintain humanity under 500.000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.î
What is stranger still, nobody is sure who paid for this. The man claiming responsibility went by the pseudonym ìR.C. Christianî and even the crew that built the monument for him knew nothing about his true identity. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. There are plenty of wild conspiracy theories, like that the monument was commissioned by a Luciferian secret society announcing the beginnings of a new world order, but the truth remains elusive and for now, it is one of the most impressive unsolved mysteries of the world.
Thew worldís biggest unsolved are heist happened almost thirty years ago and still no one knows what happened to the priceless art that was taken.
It happened on the night of March 18, 1990 when two art thieve disguised as police officers, trick security guards at the Bostonís Isabella Stewart Garner Museum into letting them inside late at night. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. They handcuffed the guards and made off with thirteen famous paintings by artist such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Flinck for a total value estimated to be around $500 million.
There have been a lot of crazy ideas about who masterminded this unsolved mystery, from mobsters to a California screenwriter to the Irish Republican Army and so forth. But so far, there have been no promising lead. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. The museum has offered aa $10 million reward for anyone who helps recover the missing masterpieces.
It was on New Yearís Eve in 2010 in the small town of Beebe, Arkansas that 5,000 blackbirds freaked out and slammed into buildings, telephone pole and trees and dying instantly. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. It was disconcerting when it happened but at least there was a plausible explanation. Celebratory fireworks had spooked the birds, according to Arkansas officials, causing them to fly all over the place. It was a one-time occurrence, so the people thought.
Except it happened the very next year on New Yearís Eve, despite the ban on fireworks in Beebe to make sure there were not any more mass bird casualties. Only 200 birds died this time, but that did not make it any less bizarre. Theorists developed crazy ideas, but no explanation really made sense.
Outside of the CIAís headquarters in Langley, Virginia, there is a peculiar looking statue that is 12 feet tall and made of cured copper. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. It was first unveiled in 1990. It is named Kryptos which is an ancient Greek word for secret or hidden. It contain1800 characters on four encrypted messages, three of which have already been solved, but one that remain unsolved.

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Jim Sanborn, the sculptor who created it, revealed another clue in 2014, something to do with Berlin and clock. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. We do not get it either, but thousands of professional and amateur cryptographers are still trying to decode the final unsolved mystery, which is just 97 letters long.
It was in the 1800s that a Virginian named Thomas J. Beale discovered a fortune in gold and silver while hunting for buffalo north of Anta Fe, New Mexico. He took the treasure back to Virginia and buried it somewhere near Bedford County. As sort of a treasure map, he wrote three encrypted messages which held the secrets to finding his massive fortune which was estimated at $43 million in 2018.
He left the letters with a friend and after Beale died the letters were published in 1885 as ìThe Beale Papersí. Sugar Land Chiropractors find unsolved mysteries to be interesting. The search has long been ongoing ever since. So far only one of the ciphertext has been cracked, which revealed the contents of Bealeís treasure but not the location. There are plenty of theories floating around, including that the whole thing is a hoax.
It was March 13, 1997 when people noticed unusual lights over the skies of Phoenix, Arizona. Thousands of Arizonans saw the unusual lights in the sky, which looked like a huge upside down V that moved slowly overhead, made no sound, and occasionally stopped to hover in one location. It was either the size of serval football fields or depending on who you asked was a mile wide.
Even actor Kurt Russell saw the strange light show while landing his private plane in Phoenix. The official explanation is that it was just military flares. However, it still remains an unsolved mystery as to what the lights actually were.
On November 24, 1971, DB Cooper boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 305 for a short flight from Portland to Seattle and hijacked it using a briefcase that he claimed contained a bomb.
In Seattle, he released all 36 passengers and demanded that authorities give him $200,000 and several parachutes. The he instructed the pilots to fly to Mexico and remain slow and low to the ground, with the rea door unlocked. That was the last anybody saw of him.
Did he jump successfully from the plane and escape with thousands of dollars. Nobody knows for sure. In 1980, a boy in Portland uncovered bundles of cash in a sand pit, worth $5,800 and matching the serial number of the mussing cash. The FBI has claimed the Cooper could not have survived the jump, but they issued a composite in 2017 of what he may look like today, which does not sound like something you do if a suspect is assumed deceased.