Mansion was doubling score the richest orchids antenna School. There was three students that were able to attend of school due sugar land chiropractors to a scholarship to take one. One of them was by the name of Samuel or petitioner older brother and mother and was very fond of being there. The other one’s name was Chris who was very fond of being there too but only for one particular reason and that was see all the beautiful girls who attended at school. I’m the last one was named Nadia. She was a Muslim girl who was very happy to be attending that school because it was going to the Grave her scholarship. She loved working hearts and she was very smart. On the first day of school everyone knew immediately that sugar land chiropractors they were the scholarship kids. They were not wealthy many like the rest of the kids that attend the school. Didn’t know if a some though because they stuck together and they were a team, on the first day of school on arriving to class God Squad a glimpse of all the students. There were Carla polo for a couple. Everyone knew that they were a couple in the school and they were always together. I shouldn’t immediately notice Carla because she thought that you was the most beautiful person and puss desperate that he wanted sugar land chiropractors to get her attention but she did not make much of him because she knew that he was a scholar and that she was dating Paulo. Then there was Guzman and Lucy. They were also a couple and also happens to be the most popular kids in the school. Lucy not only being the most popular but she was also the smartest person in the school. Lee Nadia immediately knew. Who is he was going to be her competition when it came to school events and who’s be the smartest one in the school because both of the girls were extremely smart sugar land chiropractors the only difference was one was extremely rich and the other one with a middle-class. Then there was Andrew who was the son of the principal. and her always kept to himself and played tennis because his father makes him. Ander, Polo, and Guzman were all best of friends. Carlin live see we’re also friends. And then last one always within the group with Mirena. Marina was the of just men. Cheap kind of kept to herself but will salsa part of the clips and she was the younger sister of the most popular boy in school. She did not care so much about all the Richardson which of their social status like our brother in the rest of the friends. And said she will so you’re about sugar land chiropractors just having a good time and being a fun person to be around. She immediately caught the attention of Samuel and she welcomed all three of the students to the building and told him not to worry so much about social status that everybody in the school’s fake and that nothing seemed How it looked. Confused but thankful all three of the students who worked on the scholarship thing Farina for the advice and went on about their day. Until the story starts with a bloody bull scene and the boys all around the Escape trying to get this money’s out of people sugar land chiropractors getting to know what happened. the first boy to testify was Samuel. He said that there was nothing that could be said and done and that he did not know what happened. Play fast forward to the beginning on the first day of school and because mine automatically makes fun of forbade poor. Marina takes a note of this how to say sugar land chiropractors attention in this area and things. Yes pretty attractive starts to become closer to him. You and Charlie Samuel and Marina develop feelings for each other but do not want to take things any further because they are really starting to know each other. One day when she were to go visit him at his job she came across his older brother called Daniel. Daniel Takamine at like at Marina and thought that she was a very beautiful young girl and found interest in her but when he found out that his brother trying to pursue where sugar land chiropractors he kind of stepped back a little bit. Eventually every single time that Marina would go and look for send me when he would not be annoying Daniel would be there she would closer to 10 years and she ended up starting to develop feelings for him as well. One night of a party when all of this decided to go and gather together. Arena Centennial theme song little bit too far idea what was going on. Then chili Samuel decided that it was time that you could person Marina already have her feelings for his brother Daniel tried to push him away and that she was not interested. So it was going to be ascended on no y Marina was neglecting him all of a sudden but he had come to realize that she had feelings for his brother and that they were both going on behind his back talking to each other. Just made him very upset for the both of them and to make matters things were at the marina have found out that she was pregnant. Karina and Daniel had a sudden that they were going to run away another for going to have money so they can people run away because of course our parents would never approve the relationship so ever . so they both had to think of a plan I want to know how they were going to be able to get some money so that they can be butter or no way together. Suddenlink Marina thought of a brilliant idea on how they were going to be able to get some money but she was going to need Daniels out.