Mrs Blackett told patient to calm down and the patient told her that this was no who she had asked for in the she had lied and claimed her somebody else. They both reacted slowly and she got her from the test continuing to point event at them sugar land chiropractors and they try to get her to calm down to tell her that you only wanted to see her they were going to go and actually get the patient she had wanted but he just wanted to say hi. The patient had no interest in listening to what both of them had to say whatsoever and just told the head nurse to stay back and to not get any closer from her. But instead he continued to walk forward towards her trying to get her to calm down and suddenly she lost it and she shot the head nurse directly in the head when he collapsed to the pharmacist Becca started crying hysterically and you that she was in lots of trouble. The patient then pointed the gun and this is for her old her to take her immediately to them kill her like she had asked to that she could be able to train him and mrs. bucket not having any other choice but if I’m being pointed at her she wouldn’t immediately and listen to what she was being ordered to do. Just says they were stepping out of the office when they heard the gunshots outside the officers our security in the hospital ran inside the doctor’s office to see what was going on. Two of them when are my guns and that other one stayed outside of the room and the patient with multiple personalities sugar land chiropractors in mrs. bucket accident the doctor’s office from a different door. One of the security guards that had stayed outside saw that they were both exiting the door and question mrs. bucket as to who the lady who was with mrs. bucket. Mrs. Peggy had to lie to the security officer and told her that it was just a friend but the security guard near that there was much more to it and just as he got closer to investigate the patient with multiple personalities turn around and shot the card directly in the head. Then she grabbed the suspected by the arm and told her to run down the hall as fast as she could so that there could not be any more delays on getting the killer from the seller I’m going directly towards where she had asked. When they arrived to sugar land chiropractors the bottom of the cellar at the security guard who was a cop watching out for the Killer ask who the lady was.

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This is back again had to lie to the other security guard and tell him that it was just a friend but she had such a scared look on her face there wasn’t enough to stop the security guard from letting them get through or even suspect in a slight bit that she was actually in trouble and she was being forced to do all of these things by action. He immediately let both of them get through but then he saw that something was wrong with the both of them and you was trying to stop them but when he got closer to the both of them the patient with multiple personalities also shot that security guard that. By then the killer had a guy enough and saw the chaos that was going on you that he was in trouble. He did not know sugar land chiropractors what he was trying to be killed or why this lady was even trying to get him loose and killing all the security guards but he knew that it was probably his chance that he was finally going to be able to get out. The doctor I was already dead and the patient with multiple personalities was because I like going through a site of confusion thinking that she was the doctor and that she was in charge to take care of this patient. Mrs. bucket went out and open them cell door for he asked who the lady was and if this was a whole part of the motor has planned for him to get out of there mrs. bucket insisted that she did not know anything what was going on in this was not a part of Moses but as she had something completely different and sword. The killer got even more angry and try to get the truth out of mrs. bucket to tell her what exactly will just plan for us. He ended up pointing a really big rifle gun and mrs. bucket leaving her no other choice or something by Sun best What Mildred’s plan originally was. She stated that this patient who suffered with multiple personalities was thinking that she was doctor and the killer looked at her and knew that this patient was definitely crazy and suffering a new episode but he had no other choice but to play along with the patient just so that he can get out of there. he left with the patient with multiple personalities in the car telling her that he would be willing to cooperate with her so that she sugar land chiropractors could treat him but really he had way different other plans in mind now that he was free. Just as he was driving out of the psychiatric hospital with the patient with multiple personalities he saw Mildred driving in. They both saw each other and had the blank looks they’re on their face knowing that something was completely wrong sugar land chiropractors with the both of them and now they were both in trouble but he did not stop and kept are driving. They both looked at each other knowing that they all their trust was completely gone for one another.