the lady at the front desk to the letter that Mildred had given her saying that she had an interview with the doctor to the back and told Mildred to just take a seat and that she would be right with her. The lady at the front desk when to speak sugar land chiropractors to the Head Nurse who was also the assistant the doctor and told her that Mildred was in the front lobby waiting for an interview to be spoken with the doctor. The head nurse was confused by the letter because she knew it was not signed by the doctor and took the letter and went directly to his mother and ask her where has she had gotten the letter. Mildred told her that it was written by the doctor and the to really needed to see him for the interview but the head nurse had lied to her and told her that there was no way that note was written by him and that he was not available to be spoken to. Mildred said that she had no trouble waiting for the doctor to come back that she had nothing better to do all day and that she could just sit there in the lobby and wait for him. That was when the nurse had told her that he was busy and Mildred was confused as to why the front nurse was lying to her because she had told her that she was not in the office and now she was telling her a completely different story. He was supposed to be busy? Mildred insisted on her staying inside that she is not willing to leave as long sugar land chiropractors as she speaks to the doctor and goes to her interview. She had came a very long way and had nothing else better to do so she insisted on staying there and waiting for the doctor so whatever it says he could be able to attend her into the interview. The Hulk versus pretty Paris on how Blanchard was very persistent on speaking to the doctor but she turned around and walked away. No drip wait there. As she was waiting she decided that she was going to go to the bathroom and do a little touch up so that she would be ready to go and look presentable for when the doctor arrived. When she came back from the bathroom are lots of sugar land chiropractors noise coming out from one of the psychiatric rooms and she walked in and saw one of the frontrunners and another of the nurses are kissing. It was very unprofessional and she acted like she did not see anything and turned around and walked to be but she was going to use this for her in Spanish in the future. Meanwhile the doctor who was supposed to be interviewing Mildred was trying to get a important meeting with the governor so that he could be able to ask for funding for the psychiatric hospital.

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He believed that the patients with proper treatment and Rehabilitation they would be able to be cured and be led back Allen sugar land chiropractors society and he had a pitch 2 show this to the governor sugar land chiropractors and convince him so that he could be able to find him in the hospital so that they can expand and treat more patients with the governor had no interest until listen to what he had to say and ignore him. The doctor went back to the psychiatric hospital Furious said he was not able to get the governor on his side until fun the psychiatric hospital. Then the head nurse walked in and told the governor that there was a young lady by the name of waiting in the lobby area for an interview. The doctor said that he did no more interview anybody nor had he even asked for an interview on that she should just leave but the head nurse told the doctor that the lady was very persistent and insisted that she was not going to leave unless you was to be given an interview. The doctor took the note from the head nurses head and went directly to Mildred in the lobby who was waiting for him and asked her where had he gotten the note for That interview. She insisted that he had written the note and he knew that he had nothing but he told her that he was not interested in interviewing anybody and that she should leave. She told him that she had came a very long way in that he had obviously written that no and that he was more than an hour late for interviewing him to the least he could do is take us to listen to what she had to say. He agreed to do sermon let her into the office so that he could see what she had to say. And her interview she explained our previous experience assemble leave some pieces us why she should be a good nurse and hired for the position. He ended up I mean every single thing that she had said and she had lots of experience to do their job but unfortunately he told her that he could not offer her the job now because he did not have enough money to fund you nurses. He did tell her however that if you are to look for any position he would definitely take her into consideration since she seems to have everything he is looking for.. Mildred was upset that she had not gotten the job but she think the doctor for his time and when on her day. Mildred and went off to a house that she had never been before and she saw a young man and a little girl walking out of sugar land chiropractors the front door.