Mildred going back to work the next day. So what had happened the day before but she knew she had a good all over it because she had other things in her mind that she had her work on specially trying to get her brother out of the psychiatric ward. Was walking actor station sugar land chiropractors after a lunch break when she heard some noise coming from a room down the hall. She approached me and closer and saw that to patients that they had previously worked surgical procedures on by the doctor for I can caging in inappropriate activities. She quickly shut the door and went on around her day but did not appreciate us to what they were saying. She let the doctor know that the procedures that you have performed have not work in that something had to be done to help the patients get better. The doctor came up with it idea on how he could be able to drink the patients so that they could no longer be able and gazed into inappropriate sexual activity like that. He called Head Nurse into the office and she had some flowers in her hands that she was going to bring to the doctor so that it’s obvious it’s good but instead he hated it and told her that she had to leave. Before leaving sugar land chiropractors he told her that she was to perform a procedure on the patients because she is ahead of her and that this was to be done twice on a weekly basis. Heppner’s went on to go find Mildred and that assistant her so that she can be able to perform the procedures. The head nurse call Mildred in the sense to go get one of the patients and bring them into a surgical room so that they could be but it gets started the patient’s treatment. As they were wheeling in the patient motor was up questions us what was going on and what they were going to do. The nurse told Mildred and the assistant understood they had to put the patients on the hot tub. When the patient went into the hot tub she said that it was very hot in there burned her skin but the nurse told her that it was part of the treatment that she had to comply. They then told the assistant nurse in Madras to close the lids of the hot tub on the patient so that she would not be able to get out. The head nurse then proceeded to make the tub water even warmer 120 degrees. the patient became extremely hot and started yelling that she needed to get out of there. The head nurse told her that these were all procedures that needed to be done by the doctors sugar land chiropractors Wars and that there was no way for her to get out.

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She apologized for everything she had an and told the nurse that she would no longer be doing anything inappropriate but then her sister that she had to stay there and finish her treatments. Mildred it was Furious Assisi how the Pepper’s was burning the patient in the extremely hot water and told her that she needed to take her out of there immediately. The head nurse told her that she was going to do so because she was just following instructions from the doctor and that there was no possible way that she was going to get the patient out of there. The patient was burning trying her best to get out of there hot tubs screaming but it was no use. The head nurse told my mother that if she was not going to follow the instructions given by the doctor that she could leave and did not sugar land chiropractors have to assist the treatment. Mildred felt horrible the woman at the well sorry for the extreme pain. She was going through but she insisted on staying because she wanted to help her get through it. The head nurse told her that she had to stay in the hot water for at least 5 minutes. She then looked at her clipboard and saw that she had son the water a little bit too huh so she turn down the temperature a little bit but it still made no difference sugar land chiropractors because the Tok water was extremely hot and it was burning the patient. Once the 5 minutes are up patient has slightly painted in the bathtub as she could no longer feel the hot pain in the head nurse or 300 in this isn’t nose to take the patient out of there. The assistant nurse and Mildred Craft section and picked her up from the hot water and told her that she was very warm and you can see boils all over her skin from where the burning hot water have burned her all over. The head nurse said she knew I was there and that was specifically why she had another seconds have ready for her to be put in. When they open the tub they saw that the second I was filled with nothing but ice water. Mildred knew immediately that that was wrong and there was no possible way that the patient would be going into the ice cold water after being in the extremely hot burning water. Molders proceeded to follow the instructions given by the head nurse has she picked up the patient from the hot water with the Sinners and Toad the picture that you don’t only because something quick and then put her in the cold water. The patient screamed as she was suffering through so much pain and sugar land chiropractors could not bear it anymore. Mildred felt bad that she had also been LP on torturing the patient and thought that the treatment was very inhumane but if they were the doctor’s orders that they had to be followed and proceeded.