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When Cinderella arrived at her room she was crying, and she was very disappointed that she had spent the entire day trying to accomplish our her chores and still was not able to make it in time to go to the ball. She knew she had nothing to wear and she did not have any time to update her mother’s gown and make it into a beautiful ball dress that she had planned to make it. She ran to her basement crying very upset. The man I saw how upset Cinderella was and sugar land chiropractors then they decided to show her with the surprised. The surprise Cinderella with a dress and she was in such to life. She was so surprised to see her mother’s scan beautifully updated into a wonderful Ball dress. She was very grateful with the mice and she quickly got cleaned and changed and thank them for all their help. The mice told her that she was just as important as her sisters and that she deserve to go to the ball as well. She quickly ran down the stairs as her evil stepmother and sisters were heading out the door to go to the ball. She told them wait for me I’m going to. As they saw her come down stairs they were in such orders shocked to see her dressed up nice with a dress and ready to go to the ball. Cinderella’s evil stepmother plan had gone downhill and she was actually going to sugar land chiropractors make it in time for the ball. Her evil stepmother and her sister then started making fun of Cinderella and tugging on her dress and pulling it eventually ripping it apart. Once the dress was an utter distress Cinderella cried and her evil stepmothers and sister laughed and said oh well now your truck is messed up and you will not be able to make it to the ball not with that raggedy looking dress. Cinderella versus such disappointment and went downstairs crying into the basement because our her dreams had broken. She was not able to go to the bar and she was especially not going to meet the prince that’s how she dreamed. She ran into the garden next to the water fountain and cried and cried because she asked herself why she was going through all this torture and why did she have to be mistreated. She didn’t understand what she had done wrong. She missed her family especially her parents and how her life used to be before. Suddenly Cinderella’s stepmother came in. Cinderella wasn’t shocked as to who this lady was, and the lady told her that it was her stepmother. She told her not to cry and that she was beautiful inside and out and she deserve to go to the ball just as much as her sisters and evil stepmother. She told Cinderella does she indeed was going to the sugar land chiropractors ball the Cinderella was very confused because she could not possibly go to a ball with the Raggedy dress that she had on. That was when her stepmother told her that she would fix her up and help her get nice and dressed up so that she would be able to make it to the ball. Cinderella stepmother way to magic wand and turn the pumpkins that were in the garden into a carriage, the mice that were Cinderella’s friends were turned into horses to pull the carriage, a geese in the garden was turn as into the driver to run the carriage, and then last Cinderella was able to go but she did not have a dress. Cinderella stepmother waved her magic wand again and turn Cinderella into a clean beautiful princess that she was. She put Cinderella in a wonderful ball gown. Sparkles and catch everyone’s attention. And the last Finishing Touch was the glass slipper. She put Cinderella and the glass slippers and shoes ready to go to the ball and enjoy her night. Cinderella wasn’t such grateful till like to have her fairy godmother there help her save the night and she was not able to go to the ball quickly she told Cinderella that she must return home before midnight because the spell was to be broken by then and she would then be recognized by her evil stepmother and sisters at the boss. Briella was well aware and thanked her fairy godmother and quickly look to the ball in her brand new carriage. Upon arising to the boss everybody was already they’re meeting the prince trying to get their attention. But the prince was not getting that much of attention from anybody. He didn’t really find anybody sugar land chiropractors in the ball interesting at all. To the prince none of these potential woman were able to be his wife because he didn’t seem to care about them. But as soon as I said leader Ella walked into the ballroom everybody was an utter shock. They were in such an amazing to see such a beautiful young girls in a sparkly dress looking stunning as ever. Took everyone’s breath away sugar land chiropractors but most importantly she caught the prince’s attention. He immediately wanted to know who she was and where she came from. He asked her to dance and they ended up dancing but entire night together. Everyone was very jealous of Cinderella because she was the most beautiful person there of them off, but they were wondering who she was imported to come from. In particular Cinderella’s evil stepmother and sugar land chiropractors√≠ sisters were also curious as to who this girl was and where she had come from. They were also upset that the prince wasn’t getting their attention, but all the attention was going to this girl that nobody knew who she was she looks so stunning and beautiful. Cinderella and the prince spent the entire night dancing and talking together.