Even though finally in this was out of town the Livermore family wonders how Virginia was able to get him out of there and who will inherit the flower shop. Ready to make her announcement Virginia gathers all her guests and those small for being there. Finally, she is ready to give up the big room about Sugar Land Chiropractors who is going to inherit the flower shop I’m done she says that she must go to the flower shop to familyís rival flower shop Neighbors the Aguilars. the De la mora children are shocked and stunned that none of them in here at the flower shop the most shocking that she I saw the flower shop to their rival flower shop Neighbors. They asked Virginia why she has done that because Sugar Land Chiropractors they know that the flower shop means hurt the entire world so her and it is everything, she has but also it is swear familyís income comes in the most. Virginia assures them that the flower shop days are over and that she is ready to move on doing something else. She tells him that she had to sell the flower shop so that she could be able to get their father Nestor out of jail. Paulina is not very happy about the fact that Sugar Land Chiropractors she stole the flower shop and she tells her mother that she is going to do all she can to buy the flower shop back because she knows that it has been in the family for so many years and that is what they are known for. Virginia tells Paulina to not to worry and that to just focus on being with her own family with Sugar Land Chiropractors Medea Jose. She tells Paulina that Maria Jose is going back to Madrid and that she should go with her and continue to grow their family and be together since that is what makes them the most happy. Paulina and all she tells her mother goodbye leaves for Madrid with Maria Jose. Virginia feels like all her hard work in the flower shop these past years have come to an end and that she is ready to start her own New Journey doing something else on her own. Without telling of the kiss goodbye or even the Devil Immortal siblings and her husband Ed nest she packs up her stuff and leaves Mexico for good. Delia the housemaid walks into Virginia’s room and sees that Virginia has packed everything and has left without leaving a trace or word to anyone. She gathered so that la mora siblings Sugar Land Chiropractors and is Nestle and tells them that Virginia has slept and has packed her things and then no one knows where she has gone. The de la mora children are shocked to see that their mother has left them without telling them goodbye or telling them where she is going to be but then they also wonder where about innocent. Paulina tells them that she is off to Madrid with her lover my DLC to continue to live their own life and grow their family. Medias at the news party are shocked to see if everything that is going on and decide this is big news about the family losing Sugar Land Chiropractors their flower shop, Edna slipping out of jail, Ernesto having an affair and a secret child, Virginia bad ending the family, and Paulina having a transgender spouse. The news media and whole family around so shocked to hear this about the De La Mora family and they start to become Talk of the Town. Fast forward to a few months and things is now very different in the bedroom or family. Salinas living her life in Madrid wet I love her Maria Jose; Atlanta has become a successful architect in Olean continues to watch over the cabaret about in a lifetime. Vanessa has now joined some science cult Sugar Land Chiropractors and no longer wants a part of any of the De La Mora drama or Cabaret. it has come to my attention that Virginia has passed away while living in Houston due to being sick of cancer. Although the siblings did not have any communication with their mother or did not see her once she passed away her body was sent back to Mexico for the whole family gathered again for a funeral service. Paulina seem to have had the most trouble of letting go at Virginiaís funeral that she even had a complete meltdown. Now back in Madrid Paulina gets a call that the familyís accountant Diego has stolen all the money they had left in the cabaret she is eager to return to Mexico and find him so that he can pay for what he has done. Meanwhile, Ernesto has been spending the rest of the money they have left on his science cult that he has now become deeply involved in. Elena and Julian worry that this science cult is getting into their fatherís head to much as they have noticed the drastic changes Ernesto has made. With Virginia being dead Paulina receives a call that she must return to Mexico so that they can go over her mothers will. Maria Jose is worried about Paulina returning to Mexico because she knows that Paulina will also take this time and get revenge on Diego for stealing the cabaret money. Paulina tells her that she would feel better if she comes and that there is nothing to worry about. Purification who is Maria Joseís sister hears that they plan to return to Mexico, Sugar Land Chiropractors so she quickly hides Maria Joseís passport, so she does not leave. Paulina is convinced that Purification had hidden the passport, but she must leave so Maria Jose tells her that she will meet her in Mexico once she finds it. Upon arriving back in Mexico Paulina is shocked to see all the changes done in the de la more home.