A few weeks have passed, and the DNA results are in. Without opening the letter just yet Elena and Julian decide it is time to tell Paulina what is going on. Paulina is shocked to hear Sugar Land Chiropractors, but she also tells her siblings that her mother and family doctor Salomon had a relationship when she was younger. Both Elena and Julian shot to find out the truth they decide to just wait on the results and see what happens. Final of the results come in and the three siblings gather together in the family room to read the results. According to the results it turns out that Sugar Land Chiropractors the child that is not biological to Ernesto is Paulina. Elena is shocked to find this out and how she could not know this before. She has been helping me an entire life, hide his affair and now helping him get him out of jail. Ironically, she also happens to be the one to be doing most of our business transactions and Joe visits then the rest of the siblings. Regardless of the results on NFL sure Sugar Land Chiropractors that he is her father regardless of what they same and that she will continue to treat him like a dad, but she still wonders super self who her real dad is. Convinced that she knows who it is she goes and visits their family doctor Salomon and tells him that she is sure that he is her dad. Salamone is shocked to hear this because he had never thought of it, Sugar Land chiropractors but he is happy to know that he has gained another daughter and totally not that he can trust her in anything that she needs. Limon and Paulina then confessed to Virginia that they know the entire truth and that there are no hard feelings between all of them. Virginia is calm about voting annoying that Ernesto is not her father Sugar Land Chiropractors but she still tries to keep her picture perfect family image and tells them to not say anything because the anniversary flower shop is going to come soon and that this is going to be a very huge deal for everyone. In the flower shops 50th anniversary party there will be media and there will be big news with the Mexico’s Elite socialites, and she plans on revealing on who will inherit the famous flower shop the House of Flowers. Paulina and come from sadness or and he to statins and lets her know that he is not her father but that he is willing to do anything in this power to continue to have their relationship. Probably not sure since that there is nothing to worry about between them and that everything will be okay. While all of this is going on Sugar Land Chiropractors[O1] Virginia speaking to the media about how the flower shop 50th anniversary is going to be the most epic party yet there is and is making big preparations for everyone. At this point everyone in their neighborhood is starting to suspect of the De La Mora family and the truth of what is going on behind the scenes. They all start to suspect that maybe Agnes what is not in Japan like Virginia claims he is, but he is somewhere else or maybe he’s even dead. Virginia shirts media and the rest of the friends and family that isn’t this too will be there at the family party and not to worry. Paulina and Maria Jose become worried because they are not sure, but Nestor will be out by then but try their best to make sure that he attempts that party so that they can keep their family Perfect Image to everyone else. Maria Jose goes and speaks to the judge and tell some of that and this what is not guilty of what he is being charged for and that he should be set free. The judge told him that there is a pine however even if that fine is paid, he’s still required to serve time in jail. Virginia Waring that NSO van not be able to make it to the party and that the whole time will be talking that he is not in Japan and that he is in jail she starts to worry and tells Diego that Sugar Land Chiropractors she is going to do something drastic so that he can be out of jail and that the whole family can go back to normal the way things were before. Walmart in a Jose and Paulina are working hard to get in this side of town they start to rekindle their old love back and start to realize that there is still up there between them and that they are a family no matter how many years have gone by. things are much more different now that Maria Jose has transitioned but body not sure sir that there’s nothing to worry about and that she still feels the same way she did many years ago. The day of the party comes around and news and media are gathered around with Mexico’s top socialites ready to see what the De La Mora family has to show. Virginia is excited to see that all her guests have arrived and the de la mora siblings are eager to hear as to who is going to inherit the flower shop. the Civil links worried that it is getting late and that the father Edna still has not arrived settling box in Virginia with an assault on her holding her hand and everyone applauses us are glad to see him back. Elena is shocked to see that he is out Sugar Land Chiropractors and asked Virginia how is it that he is out if you still have to serve some time and she assures her that there’s nothing to worry about and to just continue on like everything is normal so that the gas will not suspect anything.