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As Miguel followed the Skeleton Man sugar land chiropractors into a dark side of the land of the living dead, he saw how sad and lonely was. He began to feel sorry that these people were being forgotten by people in the land of the living. Although these people were being forgotten and their souls were slowly fading away she still saw that they all refer to each other as brothers and sisters because they were the only families that they have left. and so, when they arrived to this house the Skeleton Man told Miguel to just stay quiet and that he would do all the talking. He saw an old man skeleton swinging on a hammock and the Skeleton Man started to approach him. the old man quickly craft the Skeleton Man and as soon as he was going to say sugar land chiropractors something, he kind of tweet and fell back into the hammock. The Skeleton Man ask the old man if he was okay and he said that he was. The problem was that he was just starting to fade away. They both fell into a deep silence and things got extra quiet. he has the old man that if he could borrow his guitar because he needed it for at the talent show and he told him that he would let him borrow his guitar if he played his favorite song one last time. The Skeleton Man told the old man sugar land chiropractors that he no longer signed anymore but the old man insisted because he was starting to fade away and just wanted it to listen one last time. And so, the Skeleton Man crap the guitar and started to play the old man song and they both sing quietly and listen to the lyrics of the song. As soon as the Skeleton Man was done singing the old man’s favorite song The Old sugar land chiropractors Man faded away completely and only his hat was left by the hammock. The Skeleton Man grab the drink and take a sip to say goodbye One Last Time to The Old Man and took the guitar I walked away. Miguel follow the Skeleton Man and asked him where he had gone. He told Mikhail that he had gone to nothing. That once all of your family in the living forgets about you in the Land of the Dead then you also become nothing in the land of the day and just fade away for forever. Miguel felt sorry for what happened to the old man end told him that he was going to do whatever he could to help the Skeleton Man not be forgotten and thanks would go back to normal. The Skeleton Man think Miguel and told him that now what he had to do was focus on willing that talent show so that he could be able to get access to go into his famous sugar land chiropractors musicians great, great, great grandfather’s Day of the Dead extravaganza. When they arrived back to the side of town, he had asked Miguel what sign was he going to play. Miguel’s favorite song was what remember me, and it was sung by his famous great-grandfather’s. the Skeleton Man told the girl that he did not want to dim the saying that because everybody was already going to say nothing and told him to sing something else. and since Miguel thought of another song that he could sing but then he was settling gotten so nervous and told the skeleton and that he had never seen in public before. The skins and then we assured him that everything was going to be okay and that he still had to go out there and try his best and perform the song because this is the only way that they were going to be able to get into his famous musicians great-grandfather’s Day of the Dead extravaganza. When he got into the stage and it was his turn to think he quickly froze and did not know how to proceed. He was nervous but then suddenly got some courage inside of him and started to sing. The skeleton man I was so surprised to see how talented Miguel was and everyone in the crowd loved him. They all started to be seeing and cheer and dance along for him and when he saw that everyone was happy with his singing it got him even more courage to start dance and doing whatever he could to be able to win the performance in the talent show. Once he was done singing, he looked ahead over into the audience and saw that his great, great, great grandmother and the rest of his deceased loved ones were out there looking for him asking if they had seen him. Miguel was so worried that he was going to be caught that he quickly got off the stage and ran off. The old man followed Miguel and ask him what was wrong. I knew that something was wrong and that his time was running out because when he saw his head he was slowly turning into a skeleton. Miguel only had until sunrise to be able to get his Blessing from a relative so that he would be able to return to the land of the living. The Skeleton Man tried to help like hell but then he heard The host of the performance talent sugar land chiropractors show asked if anyone had seen a boy with a red hoodie that he was being looked for By His relatives and to please support him. The man was upset with Miguel because Miguel had told him that he did not have any family in the Land of the Dead. He told him that he could have gone back to this entire time and put his picture in the altar so that he would be able to pass through the land of the living.