The term UFO which stands for unidentified flying object refers to a suspected alien spacecraft although its definition encompasses any unexplained aerial phenomena. Unidentified Flying Object sightings have been reported throughout history in many parts of the world. There are been no such sightings near Sugar Land Chiropractors who are located in Sugar Land, Texas. This raises questions about life on other planets and whether extraterrestrials have visited the earth. During this early time, an unidentified flying object had become a major subject of interest. They are also the inspiration behind numerous books and films.

They first known sighting of an unidentified flying object occurred in the year of 1947 when a businessman whose name is Kenneth Arnold claimed to see a group of 9 high speed objects in the sky near Mount Rainier in Washington. Kenneth Arnold spotted this sighting while flying his small plane. Arnold estimated the speed of the unidentified flying objects at several thousand miles per hour. He stated that they moved like saucers skipping on water. In a newspaper report it was mistakenly stated that these unidentified flying objects were saucer shaped however they were shaped like they were crescent shaped objects instead. However, this is how the term flying saucer came to be. It is of the opinion of the staff at Sugar Land Chiropractors that although it is possible that there are actually flying saucers, they personally do not have any information that corroborates this statement.

The Roswell sightings of an identified flying object incident has always been explored by many people. In 1947 the same year that Arnold saw the crescent shaped flying object. A rancher named W.W. Brazel came across a mysterious 200-yard-long wreckage near an army airfield located in Roswell, New Mexico. Local reporters wrote in their paper that it was the remains of a flying saucer. However, the United States military issued a statement that said it was just a weather balloon. The newspaper photograph suggested that it was not a weather balloon and was actually in fact an unidentified flying object.

The staff of Sugar Land Chiropractors have not seen In the 1950s the conspiracy to cover up unidentified flying objects was brought to life. This is where dummies with latex can an aluminum bones that looked eerily like aliens sail across the Sky in New Mexico Anne was hardly picked up by military personnel and military vehicles. To the people who believed in the early Roswell sightings think this is the same as a government cover up. It is apparent to Sugar Land Chiropractors that it is possible that the government in fact did have a cover up.

The Air Force these dummy drops were way to test new ways for pilots to survive falls So what it was stated. Fifty years later the military issued of subsequent statements whereby admitting that the Roswell wreckage was part of a project called project mogul which was a top-secret atomic espionage program Sightings of an identified aerial phenomenal increased after 1947 so much the United States Air Force beginning investigation of these reports which they named project sign.

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The initial opinion of those involved with the project was that the unidentified flying objects are most likely sophisticated Soviet aircraft. Some researchers suggested that they might be spacecraft from other planets or other worlds and therefore the so-called extraterrestrial hypothesis. Project Sign was succeeded by a new project called project grunge which in 1952 was itself replaced by the longest live of the official inquiries into Unite you unidentified flying objects. Project blue book was headquartered at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Oh.

This project lasted from 1952 to 1969 and compiled reports of more than 12,000 sightings or events it was classified as identified with a known astronomical atmospheric or artificial phenomenon or undoubted an identified. No one at Sugar Land Chiropractors have claimed to see any unidentified flying objects. The latter category of unidentified What included approximately 6% of the total sightings. This included cases for which there was insufficient information to make an identification with a known phenomenon. An American obsession with unidentified flying object phenomenon was prevalent. And the hot summer of 1952 a provocative series of radar and visual sightings occurred near the national airport located in Washington DC. Sugar Land Chiropractors can see how the hot weather can make things look differently.

Although these events or attributed to the temperature inversion in the air of the city, many people were not convinced by this explanation. Meanwhile the number of unidentified flying object reports had climbed to a record high during this hot summer. At this point the Central Intelligence Agency was prompted by the US government to establish an expert panel of scientists to investigate the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects. Sugar Land Chiropractors often work closely with experts regarding personal injury cases. This panel was led by HP Robertson, a physicist at the California Institute of technology in Pasadena CA. This panel of scientists include other physicists, it included in astronomer, and it also included a rocket engineer.

The Robertson panel met for 3 days in 1953. They interviewed military officers and the head of the project blue book. This panel also reviewed films in photographs of UFOs. The panel concluded that 90% of the sightings could easily be attributed to astronomical and our meteorological phenomenon. The panel also said it could be that these sightings could be attributed to earthly objects such as aircraft, balloons, birds and searchlights. Next door panel decided there was no obvious security threat and then the third thing they decided was there was no evidence to support the So-called extra-terrestrial beings. A second committee was established in 1966 at the request of the Air Force. This committee was established to review the most interesting material gathered by project blue book.

2 years later the committee had made a detailed study 59 UFO sightings, which for release as results of a scientific study of unidentified flying objects this was also known as the Condon report.The Condon report was named for Edward Condon, who was the physicist that headed the investigation. They report was reviewed by a special committee um National Academy of scientists. A total of 37 scientists wrote chapters our report switch covered the investigation of the 59 unidentified flying object sightings in detail. Like the Robertson panel the committee concluded there was no evidence other than commonplace phenomenal in the report and that unidentified flying objects just did not warrant further investigation. This came along with the decline in siding activity and led to the dismantling the blue book project blue book in 1969.