We were talking about how to properly breathe when you are stressed or feel like you are about to have a panic attack on the last blog. But breathing is not the only thing that can help when you are feeling Top Sugar Land Chiropractors stressed. I know people are not going to really agree with this next one which is to smile. People are so opposed to this one because they say who is going to smile when they are upset, or they will say they feel like that would piss them off.

But let me ask you one question for once. Have you tried to smile when in a stressed situation? No? So, why judge the idea of smiling for once when you are stressed when you have not even tried it. Try it once and if it does not help then it does not help and just move on to the next Top Sugar Land Chiropractors technique. If you do not just want to randomly smile because you feel like it is a forced smile, then watch a quick funny video to make you laugh.

Apparently laughing reduces anxiety and depression, so give it a try. Next up is going silent. What do I mean by going silent? If this situation happens while you are at work, go to the restroom and just be silent and do not think of anything. Just shut the brain off do not let it talk if negative words are coming from it. Do not even think about grabbing your phone shut that off as well. I have read that noise can contribute to Top Sugar Land Chiropractors stress levels.

Other places to try is sitting in your closet or car. Go for a walk that does not involve you listening to your music as well. These are the things you can so if you are in a stressed situation at work. But if you are at home some things you can do is play. I know you are not a kid anymore but keep reading. It does not mean actually going to a playground to play. It can involve you walking your dog or playing with your dog or play pretend with your kids. Going to a trampoline park on your day off do it, it is okay to feel like a kid again here and there.

Last thing I have for you is stretching! I love to exaggerate this one because OMG the relief you feel when you take some quiet time to yourself and stretch. I do not like to put a time limit on this one but at least do 15 to 20 minutes of stretching. Every time I do it at a Top Sugar Land Chiropractors slow pace and actually take the time to stretch everything out, I get goosebumps. It never fails. In a dream world stress should not exist but in the world, we like in which is real we deal with stress here and there. But next time give these things a try before freaking out over the situation you are in.