What is the proper way I should be sleeping? Is there even a proper way to sleep? Does the way I sleep affect my back? Well, no one can really tell you how to sleep because your Top Sugar Land Chiropractors body does whatever it wants to be comfortable to sleep throughout the night. There are some positions you should try not to do whenever you are laying down but not asleep quite yet. One way you should not be sleeping is on your stomach. I know the most comfortable way to sleep. I am definitely guilty of it because it is the only way I can fall asleep and especially Top Sugar Land Chiropractors when I am cuddling up with my pillow. I know I am not the only one guilty of that one!

The reason why they say not to sleep on your stomach is because when you are in this position you do not think about it, but your pelvis is pushed backwards. For having your pelvis Top Sugar Land Chiropractors in that position, it causes your joints that are in your lower back to start to jam together, and this can cause or be causing the lower back pain. Also, when you lay like this your head is not facing forward like if you were standing. So, you would not put your Top Sugar Land Chiropractors head directly into your pillow because then you would not be able to breathe right.

So, you turn your head to the side where your cheek is on the pillow. Imagine your head being stuck like that all day sounds funny I know but it is like sleeping wrong and you can barely Top Sugar Land Chiropractors move your head because you got stuck there. My point being it that it hurts right, and this causes you to have neck pain, so why sleep in that position all night that is usually six to eight hours maybe sometimes even more if you are sleeping in. You are just causing pain to your neck and Top Sugar Land Chiropractors lower back by sleeping in this position. Do not think the people who sleep on their side are getting away.

I am just kidding this position is a good position to sleep in, but you have to remember these few things. So, you do not want your pillow to be high because then Top Sugar Land Chiropractors your neck is forced to be in an awkwardly position but it is also the same if your pillow is too low. Too high or too low both can lead into giving you neck pain. So, you want to use a pillow that puts your body in a natural position as if you were standing.

If you do sleep on your side but you feel lower back pain, try sleeping with a pillow in between your knees and see how that works. Sleeping on your back is the Top Sugar Land Chiropractors best position for you back. This is because it is the best support for your spine. If you do have back pain when you sleep like this sleep with a pillow behind your knees. Just remember Top Sugar Land Chiropractors the way you sleep affects your spine. Call 281-344-2034 or go to www.restorationhealthtx.com now.