Good evening and thank you for joining me again for these nightly podcasts. It is my hope that with these podcasts you can use this information to further your knowledge and make better informed decisions in regards to your health care. I am doctor Harrison Campbell from Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office. In previous podcasts we were discussing workers compensation. Tonight we will be discussing car accident and the steps you can expect in the case. Similar to workers compensation we will break this into several parts.
Most people when they are in a car accident go to their primary care physician or PCP. Unfortunately most primary care doctors do not treat car accident patients due to having to bill to an insurance company instead of a health care insurance company. Their billing department is not set up to handle this change and this they will provide muscle relaxers and pain medications then send you are your way. Restoration Heath a premier sugar land chiropractors office is equipped to treat these types of patients and thus we pride ourselves on being able to help people who have suffered a car accident.
First and foremost there has to be an established liability with these types of cases. One party is labeled at fault and the other party is the victim of the accident. The reason this matters is which ever party is labeled as at fault will be using their health insurance to cover the medical issues while the victim will have the at fault insurance company covering their medical issues if they know how to bill them.
If you are indeed the victim of a motor vehicle accident your next step would most likely be to see your primary care physician. As stated previously your doctor would not see you but once due to them not being able to bill the proper entity, which in this case would be a a car insurance company. This is where Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractors office would come into play. We know how to bill these insurance companies and therefore can treat you.
Some of you are asking why can I not use my health insurance? Should you see a doctor and the mechanism of injury or MOI be deemed car accident your health insurance will state they do not cover this injury. The fact of the matter is your health insurance is a business at the end of the day and if they can have someone else cover the cost of your treatment they get to make more money. Thus because you were injured in a car accident they say itís the responsibility of the at fault car insurance to cover your bills.
This is the part most people fail to understand and it is one of the most commonly asked questions to sugar land chiropractor who treat car accident or personal injury patients.
Finding the right doctor to treat you will be a challenge but this is where we at Restoration Health can help. We treat whoever comes to our door to the best of our ability. And our goal is to get you better the right way as quickly as possible.
As one of a few sugar land chiropractors who do these car accident or personal injuries cases we can help you with your injuries and provide some information to help you with this process. Therefore if you are someone you know has been the victim of an accident please call. Restoration Health today to schedule an appointment.
Now let us swing back to the statement about insurance companies being a business. Most people have a negative view of the insurance company in general. The reason for this is failing to understand their side of the situation. An insurance company takes the money they make off of premiums and invests it. Now people who know investing understand that the longer you invest the money the more you make off the money that has been invested. If the insurance company has to pay out for a claim this decreases the money they have available to invest. Thus it benefits the insurance company to not pay towards your claim. It benefits the insurance company to delay in paying towards your claim. And it benefits the insurance company if you become frustrated and give up on the claim. All of the rules and regulations that are in place are designed to give the edge to the insurance company in this situation. This game if you will where they hold a majority of the cards and you more than likely do not know the rules. This is why we at Restoration Health one of the few sugar land chiropractors which know and treat personal injury or card accident victims recommend at the very least speaking with an attorney who specializes in these situations so you can play the game on equal footing.
Hopefully that has given you enough information to better understand a car accident or personal injury claim at a basic level. Remember that an insurance company is a business and like all businesses they want to make money. Unfortunately for them to make money someone has to suffer, which is you in this situation. Therefore make it a priority to find people who can help you even the playing field. Find an attorney who can answer any questions you have in the matter. Find a sugar land chiropractors office like Restoration Health who can help restore your health today. Get the help you need in order to get back to doing the things you love today.
Thank you for joining in for tonightís podcast on car accidents. I do hope you found it enjoyable and educational. Should you or someone you know be dealing with a car accident claim please contact Restoration Health a premier sugar land chiropractor office in order to schedule you an appointment today. Thank you once again for joining us. I hope to see you next time. Good night and God bless.