As stated in the previous Sugar Land Chiropractors article about sleep today we will discuss ways you achieve a proper good night’s rest. Your sleeping position can have a big effect when trying to achieve proper sleep. This can be an impact on not only the quality of sleep but as well as your overall health. Back and neck pain can be caused my poor sleeping positions followed by headaches, impaired circulation, and even premature wrinkles. Sleep positions is not as important to young adults and healthy people but once we start to get older or have medical issues this can start to become a problem. Once you are of age or with medical issues your sleeping position can either make or break your sleep at night. Not only is your sleeping position an important factor to receiving a good night’s sleep but this goes as well with the quality of your mattress and choice of pillow you may have. In this article, we will go over first on the basic reasons of achieving a proper good night’s sleep followed by your sleeping positions.

When visiting Sugar Land Chiropractors, they can also go over any issues you may be having and offer solutions to improve proper sleep at night. One of the ways you can achieve a proper good night’s sleep is by choosing the correct mattress. Although, there is only little scientific research about which mattress is the best for maintaining a healthy back especially for those with back issues there is still some research done but is not proven. The only possible way you can determine if a mattress is actually best for you is if the mattress allows you to wake up feeling fully rested and free pain or any soreness. The downside is that when we are shopping for a new mattress is that when you are testing the new mattress in a showroom can be different to when you actually experience sleeping on the mattress permanently. If you have any questions on trying to find the proper mattress, please visit Sugar Land Chiropractors so they can answer any questions you may be having. Not only does your sleeping position have an effect on getting a proper rest but so does the type of pillow you use. Multiple pillows can help keep your spine in the proper position depending on the sleeping position.

Your head should be supported by a pillow so that the natural curve of your neck can be comfortable. If you use a pillow that is too high it can put your neck into a position that can cause muscle strain onto your back, neck and even shoulders. Choosing a pillow that will keep your neck aligned with the chest and lower back should be adjustable to allow you to sleep in different positions more comfortably. It is also important to keep in mind that pillows should be replaced every one to two years or as often as needed. Please visit Sugar Land Chiropractors for all your chiropractic medical needs. Apart from sleeping in different positions, it is also important to keep your ears, shoulders and hips aligned. A small part of the minority is sleeping on your back. At Sugar Land Chiropractors we recommend sleeping on your back. According to recent studies, it is estimated that only 8 percent of people sleep on their backs. Did you know that sleeping on your back is by far the healthiest option for most people? This is because it allows the head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position. In some rare occasions, this may be dangerous for those with sleep apnea because it can cause the tongue to block the breathing tube.

Heavy snoring can also be induced while sleeping on your back. Most Sugar Land Chiropractors do recommend that when sleeping your spine, you should place a small pillow under the back of your knees to support the natural curve in your lower back and will reduce the stress on your spine. This will also help you provide some relief if you suffer from osteoarthritis or any other ailment that may affect your knees and can provide some relief. The pillow on your head should support your head, shoulders and natural curve of your neck. You may be able to get some recommendations for a good pillow or mattress at Sugar Land chiropractors if you ask. Even though sleeping on your stomach can be good for low or no snoring it is still bad for practically everything else. Less then ten percent of adults tend to sleep on their stomachs, but this can lead to back and neck pain, unless pillows can be strategically placed in order to provide support. Sleeping on your stomach can put pressure on your muscles and joints.

This then can lead to possible numbness, tingling, aches and irritated nerves. Stress can also be created sleeping on your stomach causing the spine to be put out of its original position. In order to keep the spine in proper alignment, it is recommended at Sugar Land Chiropractors to place a thin pillow under the stomach and pelvic area. It is also recommended that if you sleep on your stomach your head pillow should be thin and if you can handle it, sleep without a pillow. Regardless on what side or how you sleep if you have any questions or concerns please contact your local Sugar Land Chiropractors office and they will be happy to help. In some cases, at the time of your Sugar Land Chiropractor visit they can go over and sleeping positions to help you get a proper good night’s rest. It is important to get a good night’s rest after a long day of work and there are so many ways you can achieve that. For another questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact Sugar Land Chiropractors at their office number. Patients are our number one priority always and we are always happy to help.